This Arm of Mine


My right wrist has been hurting really bad these past 2 days, it has been really hard to move it around and do anything at all - especially since I'm a righty : (  Today I woke up to a really swollen and throbbing hand which ended with me at the doctors office - and eventually me walking out with a wrist brace. I'm not sure how I hurt my wrist - that goes to show how weak I am. It is really hard and uncomfortable to type. So instead of my Traveling Wednesday I am just posting one of my favorite songs from one of my all time favorite movies!!! Hopefully my wrist will be better tomorrow, I "tried" my best to let it rest today, which was really hard!!! 

I LOVE this Song!!!


  1. Sorry about your arm! hey I've read that you need to use your left hand in order to excercise your brain it helps prevent Alzheimer' brushing your teeth, your hair, opening the door.

    Hope your arm gets better soon!

    By the way I love your picture and the song too!

  2. hope you'll feel better soon! (:


  3. look at you and your cute brace! i'm sorry you're in pain :( but i hope the brace helps and you get to feeling better soon!

    this song? love love love.

    it means something to me:


  4. ps. just kidding!! i realize that was the wrong song haha!!!!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this song still ;) hahahaha

  5. @ Gracias Clau : ) My wrist feels much better...
    I need to try and use my left hand more : )

    @ Thank you Linda : ) My wrist feels better : )