Traveling Wednesdays : D

Last time I left off, we were bidding Xochimilco goodbye and on we went to our second destination (2 out of 3 in one day : D )
All the traveling that was done was all thanks to my papis elementary school buddy - Martin : D
He would come knocking at our door early in the morning with the car all ready to go.
The rides were a blast listening to all the stories about our papi : D

(Lol- I can just see how mischievous these two were)

Claudia you guessed it right : D El Estadio Azteca!!!! Goal!!!!!!

It was fun! Even if we didn't get to go inside : ( We had just missed the stadium visiting hours by a few minutes. It was great to finally see the stadium where so many of Mexico's games are played.
Miguelito loved it and had a blast just running outside and buying some souvenirs for his papi Humbe : D

The Americanistas - lol - It's what we call the people that go for the Mexican soccer team called Club America. On my behalf - Boooooooo El America!!!

Viva Mexico!!!!

Our third and final destination for that day was El Angel, located in the middle of Mexico City.

Miguelito with a firetruck : D

It was a great day and we were so happy that the rain waited until we got home. In Mexico it's always cold in the morning, than the sun comes up and it gets warm, but by the afternoon it always rains. It always stops raining by night time and gets cold again. It was great that I got to see Mexico City more in depth and that Miguelito loved it.

Next weeks post will be my biggest adventure ever!!!!! Talk about Mount Everest : D


  1. How neat to be taken around by your papi's elementary school buddy!! :) I bet you cherished all the old stories of your papi as a boy! :) How special that they are still friends! I LOVE all the photos of your trip - esp. of little Miguelito! I can only imagine how much he loved seeing the stadium! El Angel reminds me A LOT of Europe! The statues look just like the ones in Italy and England. I can only imagine how beautiful it is there - thank you for "taking" me back there with you! Love these travel posts!

  2. Oh what fun! see I am learning things! I didn't know the stadium had visiting hours! Too bad you guys missed it. I bet it's huge!

    I thought the Angel was a glorieta! but then I looked again at the pictures and it is! I saw a door and a guard right behind you guys, how do people get in there? what's inside?

    It was wonderful you had your dad's friend take you places. Loved your post Kary!

  3. @ Marz - it was a lot of fun listening to the stories and to hear about my papi from someone else. Miguelito loves to take pictures " mami here, like this, now here" is all I hear from Miguelito. He is my lil partner in crime ; D. Mexico is beautiful and has lots of incredible things to offer. Happy to hear you are enjoying these post Dulce amiga ; D.

    @ Claudia - so happy your loving these post and learning things as well ; D eres muy Dulce ; D. We didn't know that they had visiting hours either! The stadium is huge!!! We got lucky when we went to the angel, I never knew that they had the three ninos heroes buried in the bottom of the angel and that the angel is actually a huge Tombstone! That day they had the remains somewhere else and people were allowed to go inside, it was incredible- the gold- the art- the tombstone for each niño heroe - breathtaking! No pictures were allowed so I have no pictures from inside but wow! Is all I can say and how lucky were we, it was the last day to be open the remains were put back in on the next day. It was great to meet my papis childhood buddy ; D