We need your Help - Please Vote!!!!!!!!!!

We've entered my Miguelito in the Gap Casting Call contest. And now I ask you all to please go and vote for him - he could win a gap gift card or be one of Gap's new face  : )
I'd love if you could all support us by voting for him. You can log in everyday and vote from now until November 14,2010. Please tell all your friends and help my baby : )

His contestant ID #is 1097639:  So please vote for our Miguelito by entering his contestant ID number in the top right corner at http://www.gapcastingcall.com/

P.S. I will be hosting my first giveaway to show our appreciation for voting. Whoever votes will be entered, more details to come. For now just leave your name and a comment letting me know that you have registered and voted today :) - you must be a follower : ) Thank you so much for all your help.

Karina & Miguelito xoxoxo


  1. Your beautiful baby has my vote!!! :) Miguelito would be PERFECT as one of the new GAP faces :) He's so handsome and has the smile of an angel! :) He has so much personality in his photos - everytime I see one it just makes my day :) I just voted and promise to vote everyday! :) I wonder if you can sign up on multiple emails and vote that way too? I'm going to try it! I'll be sure and spread the word :) Good luck to your sweetie pie! xo

  2. You guys have my vote! I already registered and voted! and tweeted it also...I will promote it on my facebook later today...Good luck I bet he is all excited ah! He is very handsome and I love his smile!

  3. you know you have my vote! he is suuuuch a cutie and would make THE PERFECT Gap baby!!! oh my goodness, i agree with marianne- he has so much personality! and the smile is just like his granddad's ;)



  4. Of course he gets my vote! i want an autographed pic when he wins :)

  5. He is too cute! I just voted for him. <3