Happy Birthday to My Lil Lilo : )

Hello bonitas : D I hope you all are having a great week so far - I am checking in quickly while I take a little break from putting up our Christmas Tree. Oh I feel so christmassy and excited listening to christmas music and putting up all the twinkly lights and ornaments.

But first things first and this is a belated birthday post for my lil lilo who turned 25yrs old yesterday : D

Sisters : D

Sisterly Love : D

I love you querida hermanita. We have our moments but nothing on earth can take away the fact that you are my beautiful sister whom I love so much. I am so proud of you. I might not show you sometimes but know for a fact that you are a wonderful and inspiring sister. You have been my rock during my hardest and most saddest moments. As a write this post I start to cry because I can't imagine a world without my lil lilo ( you walk right past me right now and see me crying and have no idea why but it's because I love you so much) You are a great sister,aunt, and best friend mi chiquita!

We love you Jessy!!!
 To my darling sister may you be blessed with many more birthdays. May your life always be full of happiness. Never stop laughing and loving life : D Can't wait until my future children meet there Rocking aunt!!! You are the best!!!!


P.S. I can't wait to come back and  show you what we've been up to in this beautiful city of ours and how it is full of holiday spirit and beautiful lights : D


  1. happy birthday to your sister! love all the photos! [and i'm so excited to hear christmas music on the radio these days!]

  2. Happy Birthday to your beautiful sister! I am almost 13 years older than my sister and when she was born I thought "How could I have lived without her all of this time"

    Well put up our Christmas tree this weekend! :)

  3. happy birthday sister....