Karina In Simple Terms : )

The days go by so fast if you don't stop and take a look around something might pass you by. Hope that everyone had a great weekend and an even happier Monday : D Our Monday is an exciting one because we get to start our Harry Potter marathon counting down to Friday. I will pick up our Harry Potter tickets tomorrow!!!!! 4 more days till the next Harry Potter installment ; D

North Carolina - 2008

 1) I always need to make it to the movie theater on time. I LOVE the previews! and it's a must for me.

2) I'm spoiled : D  And Humberto spoils me even more - Thank God fro True Love : D

3) I must sleep with the door closed! I will not sleep if it is open. It's all part of me being a scaredy cat. What if I'm sleeping and something try's to come and get me, or the door starts swinging - shuddering : P
Door Closed!!!

4) Worms Freak me out! Yeah Yeah they are small and won't eat me or anything but they can squirm after me.

5) I HATE-HATE-HATE water bugs. I swear they are trying to get me. 

True Story:
I was five months pregnant with Miguelito and I was at our movie place trying to decide what scary movie to rent. When I felt something in my leg, I ignored the feeling and kept skimming through the movies when I felt it again something walking/crawling through my leg. I told my sister I felt something and she said it must be my head, when I felt it again this time in my inner thigh. I freaked out and squished my jean and held on for dear life. I'm standing there with a handful of jean crying. My sister tells me to take my jeans off, I'm in a public place. I can't - she says jump up and down what if it runs I can't but it's my only choice. I get ready, let go and start jumping up and down, meanwhile I'm screaming and crying, after jumping for like what seems an eternity something really big and brown and still alive comes flying out -  it was a HUGE water bug!!! I was crying so hard I got an anxiety attack. 3 yrs later when I worked in Curves a water bug ran after me seriously it started chasing after me. That's why I say they are out to get me. Oh but that was horrible, I can just imagine how my Miguelito felt while I was jumping up and down.


  1. I am also SO very excited about HP!!! :) My husband and I loooooove the series so much and we cannot wait to see it! I am going to wear my HP costume from Halloween to the movie premiere :) We've been watching the HP marathon on ABC Family all weekend long :)

    So your #3 reminds me a little of myself. The way you feel about doors is the way I feel about the position I sleep in. I cannot sleep laying flat on my back. It has to do with the Nightmare on Elm Street 3 movie and a scene involving a puppet version of Freddy. To this day I always sleep on my stomach! haha

    I can just imagine you 5 months pregnant with Miguelito jumping up and down screaming and crying! :) I don't blame you darling - I HATE waterbugs too! I would have done the same thing! One day I was taking a shower and I was about to grab my loofah when I noticed something poking from it. I thought at first it was just a strand of my hair, but then it dissappeared. So I just stood in the shower looking at my loofah. Suddenly a water bug came out from where it was hiding behind it and I FREAKED out!! But at the same time I was thankful I hadn't grabbed it, becuase had I grabbed the loofah to use it and saw the water bug it would have been WAY worse!!! Have you ever seen "Bird On a Wire" (one of my favourite movies ever!)? There's a shower scene with Goldie Hawn and a roach. That's what it would have been like for me! ha

    Love these posts :) Love knowing everything that makes you "you!" Love you and hope you have a great week! xoxo

  2. Harry Potter!!!! Hurrah!!! Am so excited. Can't wait for the opening music. It sends shivers of delight up and down my spine :)

  3. It's good to know a bit of you. Take care :)

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  4. Sorry to say it, but this post made me laugh Kary! I know it wasn't funny back then for you...I am scared of bees and other bugs specially when they're on me!!!

    I also like to be on time at the movies...but sometimes it's hard to drag four people...and then they're done with their munchies before the movie even starts...and then they need to go to the bathroom uggghhhh!!!

  5. Woo hoo! Harry Potter! I can't wait to see it either and now I really feel like watching the movies. I have tickets for Thursday and completely excited to watch it!

    P.S. I like previews as well

    P.P.S. I'm not a fan of bugs in general

    P.P.P.S Thanks for entering my giveaway!

  6. do you know i haven't seen a single HP movie and only read the first book? well, b/c of all the *hoopla* on the blogs i read, i finally put ALL the movies on hold at the library! hopefully, i'll see them all before the newest one is out of the theatres!

    um, waterbugs are dis-GUST-ing! living in nyc i only had the personal experience of catching one the size of a toddler on a mouse trap in my very first apartment, but it has scarred me for life. and why does everyone call them *waterbugs*? they are overgrown cockroaches to me...and calling them anything else doesn't make them any less vomit-inducing! ;)