Marathon Weekend

It was a fun week leading up to Marathon Sunday. We went to the expo Thursday night : D And went to the Marathon Post Party on Saturday  it was a fun evening full of music, pasta, and fireworks. Humbe missed watching the fireworks with us which really bummed Miguelito out (you will see his face in the pic he was crying because he wanted to watch the fireworks with his daddy, I don't lie when I say we are a very close family and Miguelito loves his daddy). Sunday I got up at 4:00am  with Humberto, he got ready and off he went to take the bus to the start of the race - Staten Island!
It's always so much fun to go and watch the race and cheer on the marathon runners it is such an inspiration to see everybody running : D And the most exciting part - To see my Humbe pass by when he has 2 miles left to the finish line : D

Woooohhhooooooo!!!!! For our Humbe he  made it : D Yeah! I'm so proud of him...
He finished in 4:15:45 : D
Humbe completed his third marathon, they say your first marathon is always the hardest but he felt that this one was the hardest. During mile 20 he hit the "wall"! He felt dizzy and nausea's,and had to walk for a mile or two. His goal for this marathon was 3:30:00 but due to the fact that he felt bad and had to walk he lost time. We are proud of him for the fact that he finished no matter the time - it bummed him out that he did more than his usual 3 hours time, but now he's ready for next year and counting down the time to the 2011 ING NYC Marathon : D

361 Days   20 Hrs   10 Mins    -   Go Humbe Go!!!!!! 

Miguelito & Abuelito waiting to take the bus to the Expo : D
My sneaker/high heel ; D Isn't my Princess shoe spectacular!!

Miguelito at the start line - On your mark get set go!!! Lol

Familia : D

Viva Mexico!!!!
And the sky lit up : D
Me & My Boys
Humbe at Mile 24 - 2 more miles to go : D
My Humbe,My Papi & Miguelito
I love my Life!!!!

Some Yummy Pozole : D
Tostadas : D


  1. i am SO proud of your husband!!! i can't even imagine running for an hour... let alone anything longer!

    what a proud wife you must be-- should be!

    pictures of your family's smiling faces are my favorite. i adore you all so much!! xoxo

  2. Wow! what an exciting weekend! Great accomplishments Humbe has made on his runnings just like Micaela said I can't even imagine running for an hour!! I only run after Xavi now!

    That photo of Miguelito at the start line is great, he's gonna get ran over! ouch!

    You have a great family may God keep blessing you all Kary!

  3. I LOVE this post SO much!!! Congratulations to your husband's AMAZING accomplishment!!! I can't even imagine being able to do the NYC marathon, let alone THREE times!!! That's so inspiring!! I know that the NYC marathon is a lot of people's aspiration and on the Today Show they were talking about that and I kept thinking "I KNOW someone who is running in that marathon today!!!! How cool is that?!?!" :) Well I feel I know your husband through you anyway :) haha I LOVE all the photos of your beautiful family!!!! I can see all the love your family has for each other and I love that so much. I just want to scoop Miguelito up and give him such a big hug! He's such a cutie pie! One day he's going to be the one running in the marathon just like his daddy and just like his Abuelito!

  4. @ Micaela thank you so much from Humbe and me : D
    It is awesome and very inspiring to be able to run for more than one hour, someday I hope to be able to do that : D I am a very proud wife. Love you lots dulce amiga : D

    @ Clau - Thank you so much Clau from me and Humbe for the beautiful comment, I am so happy to be blessed with so much love and my family. You also dear friend have a beautiful family that is full of unity,values, and lots and lots of love. May God always bless you all always.

    @ Marz - Your comment had me at "Hello" - lol.
    Your comment is beautiful : D Of course you know someone who ran in the ING marathon - remember we adopted Micaela and since she's your twinkie that means your also my sister that makes you Humbe's sister in law : D Miguelito loves the idea of running the marathon someday like his daddy and abuelito, that marathon morning he asked me if I wojuld be happy when he ran the marathon - Happy I would be ecsatic and oh so proud : D
    Love you lots sweet friend : D