My Movie Place

First of all " I Love Harry Potter"!!!!!I am so happy we got to see the newest installment of Harry Potter - It is great! And so sad even though I knew what was going to happen. I can't wait to see it again with different eyes and more relaxed because I am sure to notice something I didn't see the first time : ) I can't wait until July 15,2010!!!

Ah! My movie place. As I sit here and type this I am also watching one of my all time favorite movies on Dvd which technically and officially isn't released on Dvd until December 4,2010. That's 2 weeks from now. How is that possible and which movies is it?
First of all it's all thanks to my secret little movie place which was discovered 2yrs ago : ) During our visits to what we call "El Barrio". The barrio is located 2 buses and 30mins away from us, it is where we go to when we want to eat or get real Mexican products. One day as we walked around el barrio we saw a lot of people surrounding a little table as we got closer we saw that a store was selling dvd's outside their storefront. They weren't just your normal dvd's, they were dvd's that were not due to be released until two weeks later and they were just $5.00 each : )
Are they bootleg? Well what is the definition of bootleg? something, as a recording, made, reproduced, or sold illegally or without authorization.  Ok! so they are considered bootlegs, not by me thou not at all, to me a bootleg is a movie that is recorded straight from the movie theater and this is not from the movie theater it is a Dvd copy, it has all the extras, previews, and other goodies that come in a normal dvd. I guess the only thing is that they are not copyright.
Au contraire these Dvd's have saved me lots of money : ) I love movies!!! and used to spend lots of money on Dvd's when Miguelito was a baby. I really wish I would have found this place sooner : )
But I am happy to have it now. Today as we walked around el barrio we stopped by and I got myself a copy of - Drum roll please : ECLIPSE!!!!!!! 
I was literally jumping up and down and still am : )


P.S.Let me know what you think about bootleg movies?


  1. Nunca habia escuchado el termino en ingles Kary. I asked my husband and he said "yo soy el papa pirata". If they save you money what the heck!

  2. Lol - y yo que pense que me ivas a decir " Dile no a la pirateria" : )

  3. Oh, how I loooove Eclipse!! I can't wait to buy it! I have absolutely NO problem with bootleg copies! haha. I've never bought one, but friends have given me I'm gonna turn them down!! I love movies! :)
    Hope you had a fabulous weekend!!! You should be receiving a package from me very soon! :)

  4. Yay for Harry Potter!! I want to watch it again because I know what you mean when you said that when you see it another time you will notice other things.

    I'm not a real bootleg fan but it depends on how desperate I am :)

  5. jajaja! Al principio si trataba de decirle "no al pirateria" En Tj son muy facil de encontrar en el mercado sobreruedas y mi suegro vive enfrente de uno. Lo que me da miedo es la multa al cruzarlas la frontera yo no lo hago mi esposo a veces!