SnapShot Sunday

11 Days left till Thanksgiving : D
We were blessed with such beautiful weather this weekend - mid 60's. Only bummer - my Humbe had to work this weekend and he will be working 7 days a week from now on : ( It leaves us wondering when will we have family day again? He works 10hrs a day. My little partner in crime and me decided to go walking through Central Park, and eat lots of sweet treats to forget our worries and enjoyed life in general : D

Wishing everybody a great week and very Happy Monday : D

Frosted Mocha : Chocolate gelati, espresso,whipped cream & espresso beans on top Yummy!     

Chocolate covered strawberries : D
New York : D
Jumping for Joy

Central Park


  1. what gorgeous photos!!! the one of miguelito and the ny buildings is gorgeous!! and yuuuum treats indeed!

    it saddens me your handsome husband has to work so hard but warms my heart its all for the family he loves and adores!

    give him a hug for me!
    and hugs for you and miguelito from a VERY EXCITED tia micaela ;) and our 3 pups + max


  2. I get so jealous every time i pop over here and see you wandering around Central Park - one day i will do that with you :)

    Nothing better than lovely walks and sweet treats to cheer up a crummy situation!

    Big hug to you and the kiddo !


  3. Ditto at what Alyssa said about walking on Central Park! But we can see it thru your eyes my lovely friend!

    Bummer that your Humbe has more working hours :( Enjoy the time that you do have together!

    Saludos to all of your lovely family!