Blue Christmas

    This song was recorded on my Miguelitos birthday 53yrs ago! 

It has been such a horrible and stressful week. I'm trying my hardest to not let it get to me but seriously how much more can I take! So as I lay in my bed covered in blankets from head to toe, my Miguelito cuddling next to me  I listen to Elvis sing Blue Christmas and try to block all things bad from my head.
Instead I try to focus on Miguelito's upcoming belt test this Saturday and my 7yr Anniversary this Wednesday (it feels so surreal sometimes in a good way of course). I'm also very excited to be taking part in Nicole's Friendship Bracelet Project, Miguelito and me are going to buy the yarn tomorrow : )

Oh and Humbe asked me to tell him what I want for Christmas! So I need to get started on my wishlist - Ha!Ha!
Hint: I love to take pictures so on my list he will find some cameras : ) including a certain one called
The Fisheye Camera : ) Even though I might not get any of the cameras it is nice to dream : )


  1. oh, i hope you're feeling better soon! your anni is indio's 2nd bday! we'll be in nyc celebrating!
    good luck to miguelito on saturday...

    the canon sd1400 has a fisheye function and it's a fantastic little camera otherwise too....has HD video too! or you can get an opteka lens if you have an SLR camera. on amazon they are strangely reduced by about 70% of the original price.

  2. TGIF Kary! Take a breather this weekend and everything will be better next week! Good luck on Miguelito's belt test. Yeah write your letter to Santa...Sonar no cuesta nada! I send you lots of love and hugs!!!