Good Luck Miguelito

Miguelito when he was a white belt - testing for his yellow belt!
Good Luck to my Miguelito!!!! He will be testing for his red belt tomorrow.This is a very big step, if everything goes good tomorrow (which I'm sure it will) he will only be three belts away from his black belt.Thus begins his most important training and journey ever towards his goal of being a black belt.
Buena Suerte dueno de mi corazon!!! Believe in yourself and never say never : )

Good Luck Miguelito : )

P.S.Good luck to me and trying not to shed any tears tomorrow!!!


  1. awww you will shed tears of a happy mamma!!! as you should :)

    he will do AMAZING!!! i just know it! you call me the instant he has his red belt ;)

    i love you both and am so excited for your precious boy. i adore him and wish i could be there!!! :)


  2. Oh gosh sorry I didn't see this post yesterday. But I was thinking of you guys today! Sophia was 5 when she had a jump rope class and was having a hard time. I remember shedding tears of joy when she finally got it! That's what we moms do! I know Miguelito did just great!!!