Miguelito after his belt Test on Saturday
I am so happy and crying tears of joy: ) My baby did it - all his sweat and sacrifice. He is a Red Belt! Yeah *pumping fist in the air*.The belt ceremony won't be until Thursday and we are so excited!
Thank you for all the good luck wishes and happy thoughts - you are all so sweet : )

This belt test was so special and unique for two very special reasons.
Miguelito is now three belts away from his Black Belt! And he had the best support system ever!!!
As Miguelito got ready to give his heart and soul in his belt test dear Marz got ready to give it her heart and soul in her first 10k! They kept sending each other good vibes back and fourth : ) Helping each other accomplish their goal. So next time you think something is impossible or to hard just think about these two : ) Miguelito the future Taekwondo Master and Marz the girl who will leave you eating her dust : )

We knew all along that our querida amiga Marz was going to finish and accomplish her goal and she did!!!! Wooohoooooo!!!!! and in excellent time may I add!!!! We love you so much dear girl - you are the best!

Congratulations Miguelito and Marz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys rock : )

P.S. I have something special up my sleeve which I hope to share with you guys soon : )


  1. OH MY GOODNESS, I AM CRYING TEARS OF JOY AT THIS POST!!! both of my favorites!!! so special. i want to call marianne and wake her up to read this because i know how much it will mean to her but i'll wait for her to be surprised ;)

    "Miguelito the future Taekwondo Master and Marz the girl who will leave you eating her dust : )" -- WARMS MY HEART!!!

    we love love love you! and am SO PROUD of miguelito and marz! they deserved it for sure!!!!


  2. Sending major High Fives out to Miguelito! What a champion!

  3. Oh Congratulations to both! They must be so proud of themselves! Accomplishments in this life do feel great ;) Cuidate mucho amiga! xoxo

  4. Oh Karina!!!! This post means SOOOOOO very much to me!!!! :) I'm sitting here at my desk at work and am so glad to have started the day off with your kind words!!!!! I can't think of a more perfect way to tackle the day ahead then with your encouragement.
    I could not have made it through the 10K without the good vibes from you and your baby!!! He inspired me SO many times when I just thought there was no way my legs could keep going. I love, love seeing Miguelito in his karate gear because he truly is the next Taekwondo Master for sure! :) He just melts my heart!!!
    Thank you for this special post that makes me teary eyed! You two mean the whole world to me and I love you both very, very much!!!
    Congratulations sweet Miguelito! I knew you could do it baby! Thank you for encouraging me!!!!! I seriously can't stop smiling ever since your text with the happy news!!! xoxo

  5. Oh wow!! Congrats to Miguelito! And to Marz :) Both fantastic efforts. I can see why you are so proud of your little one.

    And the fact that he is only 3 belts away from black belt!! He will be a master in no time :)

    I haven't seen the movie Legend, but I think I will.

    Hehe maybe I will get the silver TOMS. I'm still not entirely sure. xx

  6. Awww, congratulations to Miguelito!! That's so awesome! :) I love the picture of him in action! He is just too adorable!!