Let it Snow!Let it Snow!Let it snow!

I hope you all had an incredible Christmas surrounded by your loved ones :) Our Christmas was spectacular and I can't wait to post some pictures but first,were we hit with a snowstorm.To think that us New Yorkers were complaining about not having enough snow in a very long time, mother nature did a very good job in showing us ;)

We woke up Monday morning to 20 inches of snow! 20 inches! My two boys were around and it's crazy to believe that this was the first time that Humbe was around to go sledding in Central Park - Yes my Humbe is a very hard worker ;) it's no wonder I love him so much! We all got ready and bundled up to go and play in the snow. Once we stepped outside I was speechless, I had never seen so much snow! It was winter wonderland! We stayed in the park for about 3 hours just sledding and playing non-stop. We literally ran home to get warmed up - and ugh what happened next! In a period of 3 hours Miguelito got a fever of 103 - Humbe and me started coughing and feeling chills,we all drank medicine and fell asleep. Once morning came I felt horrible and with my asthma it didn't get any better, Miguelito was 100% which was great but Humbe and me oh my God - fever and a horrible cough. Despite that my very sweet husband got up to cook us a chicken soup. Needless to say yesterday we spent the whole day laying down in bed and Miguelito playing his DSI XL - I'm sure it didn't bother him. Today is a different day and I feel somewhat better - aside from the throbbing headache and my ribs feeling like they are going to explode from so much coughing,seriously I have to hold my sides each time I cough which is a lot, but my poor Humbe had to go to work - oh the responsibilities!
I really hope we feel better soon, that's what we get for sledding in Central Park but it was worth every little bit ;)

Miguelito ready to go outside :)

So much snow!

Poor firemen trying to dig his car out from the snow.

There was a lot of wind and when it would pick up it would throw the snow all over you :) Miguelito got stuck in a whirlwind of snow!

Snow never fails to amaze me.



Only the strong will survive!


Worth every moment :)
Special message for mi querida amiga Marz - Love you :)

Central Park covered in snow

86th street - coming out of Central Park :)

Miguelito and a funny snowmen

My street full of cars and garbage trucks - all which were stuck in the snow!


  1. looks like so much fun! we got a huge sled to use with our visitors over the holidays but there isn't enough snow to use it! looks like we should've stayed in nyc!

    <3 your photo of 86th street!

    btw, e's mom is mexican, hence the tamale making! xo

  2. I am glad you guys had so much fun~ that's a whole lot of snow kary! Last week we had lots of rain here in sunny CA! I mean lots... Hope you guys feel better and the aches and pains go away soon! Lo paseado nadie se los quita verdad!! jaja! Cuidense!

  3. Merry Christmas!

    I love how snow completes the whole holiday spirit! It's too bad Vancouver weather is upon us here and it's been nothing but rain! I'm still waiting for snow to come down anytime soon!!!

    Looks like your cutie pie was having tons of fun playing in all that winter wonderland! I sure envy you right now!

  4. Ohh I hope you feel better soon! All that snow is so amazing! I wish I could experience it sometime (maybe next year Christmas eeeee! It's a plan to go to the USA in 2011).

    Looks like so much fun!! x

    Hope Christmas was great and have a wonderful new year.

  5. I still can't get over how much snow you guys got!!! And that sweet and special message in the snow makes my heart swell with so much happiness! :) You made my day at work when I got that photo on my phone!! I showed it off to everyone - my co-workers, friends and family! I was so proud :) I felt so special that you guys thought of me! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I love you lots!!! xo
    I LOVE the photos of Miguelito having fun in the winter wonderland! He's such a cutie!!! And I'm so glad you're hard working humbe got to play with his family :) So sorry you guys got sick though :( I wanted to bring you chicken noodle soup if only I could! Good thing your sweet humbe took care of that for me ;) xoxo