Noche Buena ;)

Nino Dios

Eeeeeeeee... It's Christmas Eve - and it's 4:46pm!It' so exciting and it makes me sad to think that this will be all over in one day.In the meantime I am making sure to listen to as much Christmas music as possible while surrounded by my beautiful and wonderful family. It will be a very long wonderful day full of non-stop cooking,dancing,eating,and lots of Amor! My mamma and me have been cooking since this morning ;)

On the Menu:
  • A variety of Tamales
  • Pozole (Mexican soup)
  • Lots of yummy desserts including cupcakes and pies(only thing missing Mexican bread)
  • Lots of Mexican Chocolate
Our Christmas is celebrated Mexican style - meaning we celebrate on Noche Buena - Christmas Eve!
We started cooking very early this morning to get the meat ready for the tamales and the pozole. Right now we took a little break before we start preparing the tamales so I took a moment to say Hola! We usually finish with the cooking part at around 9:30pm, we then run to get dressed properly (right now I'm in spandex,Eeyore t-shirt and my hair in a bun -hehe!) and then dinner is served ;) Eating and chatting to get our energy ready for the Posada :) 

The Posada: We have in our Christmas Tree a nativity scene with a baby Jesus doll and at 12:00am we start singing and sort of reenacting the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ. We all take turns rocking the baby Jesus back and forth and sing and pray. It's all very beautiful and I remember always having this as part of my Christmas tradition as a little girl. It makes me so happy for Miguelito to have this beautiful tradition to look forward to every year. Someday the baby Jesus will be passed on to my household and it will feel great to pass along our tradition to my Grandchildren ;)
We usually take an hour and after wards its dessert time and then some dancing to burn the calories
off :) We end up falling asleep until 5:00am! Ha! Talk about a long night - but worth every single moment.

Just in case I don't get a chance to check in tomorrow I would like to Wish you all a Very Merry Christmas ;) May it be full of lots of happiness, love, and joy ;) Enjoy every second and every moment even if your loved ones live far away rest-assured that they are just a phone call away.I take this moment to remember those who have left us in body but who continue to live on in our hearts and memories.This will be our first Christmas without my Father-In-Law and I pray for my Humbe to find comfort in the Beautiful memories of his pappa.

Feliz Navidad from our family to yours!

Love The Pacheco Family

Now to continue cooking ;) A cocinar unos ricos tamales se ha dicho : )

P.S.Yesterday I did a last minute stop at one of my favorite thrift shops and you will never believe what I found for Humbe ;) I was jumping for joy and literally ripped it off a lady's hand-Hehe!!! Can't wait to show you a picture ;)


  1. mmm, tamales! i made them with e's mom and aunts one year in kansas! so yummy!

    we had mexican pastries with breakfast!

    hope your christmas is everything you hoped for!


  2. I LOVE that tradition!!!
    My niece made us sing Happy Birthday to Jesus last night before we opened presents! So sweet.

  3. Merry Christmas to you and your family lovely lady!

    {I know one little boy will be stoked with what santa is delivering him!! how lucky for him he is the only kid around so gets EXTRA spoilt:) }

  4. Oh it sounds like you had THE Greatest time! You nunca he estado en una posada, puedes creerlo?? Claro que se de que se trata es una linda tradicion pero nunca lo hemos hecho. Si tengo mi nacimiento en mi casa por supuesto!

    Nosotros no la pasamos muy suave tambien en SD con mi mama quemamos leNa y teminamos todos ahumeados. Luego nos fuimos a dormir a la casa de mi suegro a TJ! Manana vamos a LA con mi suegra y que sigan las vacaciones!

  5. Feliz Navidad, and the most merry of Christmases, Karina! Hope it was wonderful...