Oh Christmas How I've Missed You!

Happy 1st of December : ) 

Only 24 days left!!! I'm so excited and yet so sad : (  Whenever the holidays are over I feel sad because all the excitement and anticipation is over. Am I making any sense?
In the meantime I'm enjoying shopping for all my loved ones and trying to make up my mind on whether I should make homemade Christmas cards or buy some. I should really hurry up since time will pretty much go flying by.This year I am trying to make my Christmas cards out of pictures that I've taken : D I'm keeping my fingers crossed that if I do they come out good!

We have been enjoying all the fun festivities and can't wait for all the upcoming ones.

Hula Magic

Oh Christmas Tree

Miguelito looks so little : )

Yummy Cotton Candy

Make A Wish

Icy Nutcracker

The Christmas tree at Lincoln Center

My Little Elf
I know it's to early to say it but I just can't help it - I guess it's the pictures : )

Merry Very Early Christmas

P.S. I can't wait to show you guys my Christmas tree all lit up and decorated with some very special ornaments : )


  1. Yes, December is here! What fun pictures. You look so pretty and Miguelito always with his sweet smile! It must be fun living in New York!

    so what you're saying you want it to be Christmas all year long??

    Feliz Navidad sweet Kary!

  2. Woo hoo for Christmas! Your Miguelito looks very cute with his face painted :) Mother and son. So sweet!!

    I like the ice Nutcracker. I want one for my home (a wooden one).

    It looks amazing! All the lights and you being all rugged up. It makes me wish we had a cold Christmas season. xx

  3. migeulito is too freakin' cute! love all your photos!

  4. Ohhhh how pictures of Miguelito and you just warm my heart!!! My favourite is the honk honk picture! :) TOOO adorable :) NYC seems so AMAZING and how lucky that you get to live there! Especially during the holidays - so festive and so much to do. I know EXACTLY what you mean about being sad after the holidays are over. It's really depressing after all the excitement and anticipation! We need to enjoy every day while it lasts! Happy Early Christmas darling xo

  5. this FEELS like Christmas! i love your little elf :) and the lights on NYC.


    love you!!!