Oh How I Love Thy Glitter!

Sweet Gracie inspired me to post a pic of my glittery silvery sneakers : )

Wearing my glittery sneakers with my funky pj's
Aren't they pretty : )

 The following Toms are on my wish-list! and I'm rooting for Gracie to get them : )

I've been good Santa! Won't you please bring me a pair of these size 8 1/2 Pretty Please with sugar on top ;)

We all need glitter in our life as a reminder to always add sparkle to our lives : )


  1. Eeee! You are utterly adorable! I love your pretty sparkly silver shoes. I do love them.

    I think I will have to get these lovelies sometime soon I think!!

    And I do think we all need some glitter in our lives.

    I love that Miguelito has found a passion in his life already. I hope he keeps on going with it!! x

  2. you sparkle to me! :) i saw someone with sparkle work out shoes and thought, now that would inspire me to work out... but probably not! HA!

    I LOVE your pjs! :)

  3. Oh I love your glittery shoes! and I love your pjs some more! xoxo