SnapShot Sunday

I'm exhausted, a little nostalgic, and tired. So I'm just going to post a quick recap of our weekend. Saturday morning we got up at 6:00am to see Humbe participate in the WSSL Annual Parent's Soccer Game. It was so COLD!!! We were freezing but it was so much fun to see Humbe play soccer and Miguelito had a blast. After the game Humbe went to work. Miguelito really wanted to go to the museum of natural history with his little buddy Mason, after picking him up from his house we went to see the dinosaurs and space show! As for today we just went to church and then ran home as quickly as possible to get away from the freezing temperature. We wore cozy fuzzy socks,ate popcorn,heard Christmas music,and watched movies in the dark just because Miguelito wants our Christmas tree to shine through : ) Can't think of a better way to end a weekend : )

Sneak peek of our Christmas Tree

This ornament is so special when it's not hanging in my tree it's hanging besides my Betitos picture. Thank you Micaela Love you!!


  1. What a wonderful weekend with your beautiful family!!! It's been freezing here (at least for Texas) so I can't imagine how cold it is in NYC! Love the photos of the boys at the museum! I love museums so much. I wish I lived close to one - I could spend hours happily looking around at everything. I wish I could have joined you and Miguelito in my fuzzy pink socks that I am wearing right now! Sounds so cozy and the perfect end to a fun weekend! Love the sneak peeks of your tree :) looks beautiful! Love you!

  2. Your Christmas tree looks beautiful! A soccer ball and I think I know what that beautiful butterfly means! I zoomed in and read Humbe's shirt...too funny. Have a Happy Monday Dear Friend!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I can only imagine how cold it must be there right now.

    Fuzzy socks! They are definitely some of my favourites :)

    And your tree! I bet it's filled with all sorts of Christmas joy. x

  4. Awww, what a cute pic of Miguelito and his friend!! :)
    Sounds like a fun weekend!!

  5. i sooo want to spend a weekend with you in our fuzzy warm socks and elvis christmas songs... that would be divine! Oh and coffee too ;)

    what a great pic of humbe and miguelito though it does look like it's FREEZING!!! :)

    i bet you're the mom all the kids want to hang out with cos you're so fun :) the dino and space show sounds like a boy's dream :)

    awww i LOVE seeing the ornament i gave you on your beautiful tree!! i giggle at the ornament steph sent-- the little monkey is precious!

    i can't wait to see the whole tree :) it's so pretty!!!