SnapShot Sunday

It has been a great weekend! Miguelito had a great belt test yesterday. We won't know until Wednesday or Monday (if we're lucky) when the Masters post the names of those who passed : ) But I will tell you this my Miguelito put his heart and soul and did an awesome job - his teachers also mentioned how great he was! Can't wait to see the list and find his name : )
Today was a very rainy and chilly day but that didn't stop my lil partner in crime and me from walking around and trying to get some shopping done. We even got to go to our favorite indoor market where Miguelito bought some postcards to send to his friend Zac (Steph's little boy) and Lucia (Zac's cousin). On Friday when we opened the mail a cute postcard stood out, it was for Miguelito and it was from Zac's cousin Lucia. I LOVE swaps, you get to meet the sweetest people and what's even better you get to make new friends : ) That's how we met Steph and Zac through Micaela's ornament swap : ).
How was your weekend?

And now for today's snapshots : )

Bicycle decorated with metro cards

It's the law, there's nothing worse than stepping on dog poo!

Miguelito and me are still keeping our eyes open in hopes of seeing said unicorn : )

Scrumptious waffle ice cream

Miguelito has always been a heartbreaker!

Mya & Miguel - I hope to one day tell you the story of these two : )

Hope everyone has a great Monday : )

Only 12 Days left till Christmas!!!!!


  1. i love your snapshot sundays and can't get enough of the unicorn ad! ha LOVE IT! only in NY huh? ;) and YES!! i'm dying to hear the story of mya and miguel :) she's a cutie!!!

    i couldn't stop thinking about miguelito and his test! i just know he did wonderfully and what always counts is putting your heart into it. please let me know! I'm proud of him, REGARDLESS :)

    isn't zac and lucia the cutest!? i love that they are sending postcards to each other. warms my heart!


  2. It makes me SO happy that you and my bff Steph were matched up in twinkie's swap and that you continue to keep in touch. She reminds me so much of you - your boys are your everything and you are both AMAZING mothers! I LOVE Zac and Lucia and it is so special that they are Miguelito's little friends. I tell Steph all the time how much I love you and Miguelito!

    I thought of your sweetie pie on Saturday morning. Knowing he was testing for his red belt on the same morning that I was trying to accomplish my first 10K kept me going. I knew he was going to give his all and so I knew I had to do the same! I'm proud of your baby!!

    LOVE the snapshots! :) The unicorn one makes me giggle! I just adore the ones of Miguelito with the little girls :) I can't wait to hear the story of him and Mya! Just love those photos!

    Have a wonderful week!! Love you xoxo

  3. Ahh wow! Miguelito is a little ladies man :) But it's completely adorable. I hope he passes his belt test!!

    I would love to find a unicorn :) It truly makes me wish they exist because I'm a huge fan and like to get unicorn items (I think I'm starting a collection). xx

  4. Yes do tell the story of Miguelito and Mya please! Can't wait to hear the good news!

    My weekend was very nice, it was actually a hot day! We sat and plan our itinerary for the two weeks of vacation. Uff I got a bit stressed there...between visiting my husbands' mom and dad (they're divorced) my mom and siblings, a couple of birthdays, a doctor's and a dentist appointment, an invitation from his uncle in LA, Wild Animal Park in San Diego and some errands we have to do in Rosarito. I had a hard time falling asleep...Happy Monday my Dear Kary!

  5. love that unicorn photo...too funny. and your blog is too pretty! thanks for stopping over at mine :)