'Tis The Season

Tis the season to be jolly,
Fa la la la la, la la la la!

Reindeer Cupcakes - I baked for Mason and Miguelito :)

Friendship - One of life's best gifts ;)

Miguelito excited to open his Christmas present ;)

Yay!!! Miguelito loves Christmas ;)

Just 4 days left till Christmas ;) It's incredible how time went by so fast, a little to fast if you ask me.
It has been so much fun enjoying this beautiful holiday season ;) We have been having a blast with our friends enjoying birthdays and just hanging around and being silly. Miguelito has had a blast receiving so much happy mail and opening his Christmas presents ;) Who doesn't love happy mail?

With all the running around I forgot to do my Wish List! When you become a mom your family and everything else comes before you, and now that Christmas is just 4 days away my family has no idea of what I want - Hehe! Sorry mi familia ;) I hope I can post my Wish List tomorrow just for fun if I get a chance to get to the computer. Tomorrow Humbe is off from work - finally after working for 5 weeks straight!

Our plan to play hooky with Miguelito - with school being slow and everything and lots of families already gone for the holidays we figured it won't hurt to have a family day ;)
First we will eat breakfast at our favorite place ;) than we're off to watch Tron (Miguelito's choice of movie), maybe pay Santa Clause a visit, take Miguelito shopping so he can pick something special for his abuelitos,and who knows what else we might do.The day is young and the city will be ours - Plus as long as I'm with my boys everything is perfect ;)


  1. Have fun sweet Kary! It's raining cats and dogs...Estoy en Tijuana ahorita I bought me some Chocolate Ibarra for when we get home this afternoon...recibe muchos besos y abrazos.

  2. oooh, family hooky day: so fun! can't believe humbe hasn't had a day off in 5 weeks!

    those cupcakes are awesome!

  3. you couldn't have said it better with that last line... i am SO HAPPY for you both to have a family day! your husband is such a provider and so supportive of you both, but it will be AMAZING to have him alllll day, wont' it? i can feel your excitement! :)

    those cupcakes= pure delicious beauty! you are the greatest mom, seriously!