Unexpected Day Off ;)

Miguelito just woke up ;) - Notice Edward cooling down his Hot Chocolate ;)

Miguelito Loves his Chocolate ;)

You can only go right with Mexican Chocolate!!!!!

Only thing missing was some Mexican Bread!!! - Picture I took during our summer in Mexico ;)
Funny how we ended up having a three day weekend :) We didn't hear the alarm go off this morning and by the time we woke up it was to late to take Miguelito to school - Thank God it was one of my days off from work. That's what happens when Night Owls unite - HaHa! Plus we're recharging for one more week of school before Christmas vacation.Can you believe that the last day of school is the 24th! What were they thinking???

So now we're lounging around the house in our fuzzy socks ;) Sipping our delicious Mexican Chocolate!!! Delicioso!! The only thing missing to make it feel like a true Mexican breakfast is our Mexican bread - perhaps a conchita or a cuernito! Yummy!!

Couldn't have asked for a better way to start my Friday than to have my Miguelito cuddling up beside me hugging me and saying Mami I love you while we watch Nanny McPhee - one of Miguelito's favorite movies. I love my baby and I never get tired of being a mom it is the best!!!!
Maybe just maybe if we stop being lazy we might go out and do some Christmas Shopping.That is when we get tired (which won't happen) of drinking our Mexican chocolate ;)

Happy Friday and a Very Happy Weekend : )   Just 7 days left till Christmas ;)


  1. I just got done eating some Mexican bread :) but I wish I had some Mexican chocolate! What a perfect unexpected day off for both of you :) I am such a night owl just like you two. Twinkie and I were the same way when were Miguelito's age and I rememnber waking up late too and getting to stay home with our mom and how special it was :) Love you both sooo much!!! Wish I had been there to spend the day with you guys!

  2. Aww how fun! An three day weekend to recharge batteries for your final week of school!
    Staying home and doing nothing is always fun!

    I love mexican chocolate! ;)

  3. Oh my! What a great long weekend. And it's crazy that school finishes on the 24th!! School here finished either the the end of November or the 2nd week of December here in Australia. It's the summer holidays for the kids here :)

    Mexican chocolate looks yummy! I wonder if it's similar to Spanish hot chocolate. We have a shop/cafe here that sells it and it's so rich and delicious!!

    Hope your weekend was wonderful! xx

  4. ha, night owls unite!!! :)

    miguelito looks so cute just waking up and his pajamas and hat!!! edward makes me giggle ;) i'm sure he slept with you though right?! haha!

    mmm i haven't had mexican chocolate in way too long! best stuff ever. my grandaddy would always make us some... it reminds me of my childhood and how i miss my granddaddy! you would have loved him. :)

    my niece LOVES the pink "conchas" as she says it in her italian accent. :) my pappa always sends her a box full of them. lol


    i hope you enjoyed your 3 day weekend ;)

    love you!

  5. haha, I LOVE the Edward doll!!! TEAM EDWARD, Miguelito, Team Edward!!!