Christmas Wish List ;)

Today was a dream come true! Loved our family day and every moment I spent with my boys, oh and I have to say I loved watching Tron ;) Plus I ate the most delicious Napoleon slice ever!!!!!

Christmas Wish List ;)

Smiley Face Cookie Jar! This is so me and it would look great on my Kitchen table ;)
Oh - I'm smiling ear to ear imagining being the owner of this cookie jar.

Butterfly Blue Heart - *Sigh* Isn't this butterfly ring just gorgeous!
You Make Me Smile Ornament ;) Love this cutie!
Frida Kahlo Eco Friendly Canvas Tote - This would be perfect to carry some of my knick knacks.
Silver Morocco Toms - I want these baby's so bad!!!

The Legend Of Zelda! Yes-Yes I like to play videos once in a blue moon when I get a chance, and Zelda is my favorite ;)

Smiley Face Ring - Eeeeeee!!! This one I love and really would like ;)
Dolce Vita Smiley Face coffee mug! I'm excited because this mug I need, it makes the perfect pair to the one that Micaela sent me :) That way we don't have to fight to use the one I already have - Hehe ;)
Fujifilm Instax Mini - I Love to take pictures : )
Phew.....So these are some of the things on my wish list ;) But I'll be honest and say my family doesn't see my blog and Humbe won't see it because he's working so much, therefore I won't be getting any one of these for Christmas ;( I'm not materialistic and as long as I'm surrounded by love and my beautiful Familia I am happy ;) But I am happy to say that Zelda is in the bag! My mama got it for me as one of my Christmas presents. Love my sweet mama!Can't wait until it arrives so I can start Links adventure - Hehe. I'm a dork but we already knew this ;)

Only 3 days left till Christmas!!!!!!!


  1. happy 3 days before christmas!!!

    thanks for dropping by my site and i have got to love yours! i also have to say that i do love that butterfly ring you have posted up here. maybe i should put that in my wishlist considering i don't have any one mine?!?!


  2. the count down is on!!!!

    fingers crossed you get at least one :)

    What was on Miguelitos list this Christmas?

  3. Hehe! I love this. You have so many smily faces items that I'm sure they will make you happy. Those TOMS are beautiful! I wish they sold TOMS like that here.

    I love fun games and Zelda is great! I hope you get your Fuji Instax :) I know I got mine! Yay!

    A summer Christmas is amazing! It's so much more laid back I think. Plus Aussies are very laid back anyway so it suits us! xx

    Only a few days left.

  4. Karina you are just SOOO cute!!! Everytime I think of you I imagine you're always smiling :) I know you always make me smile that's for sure! I love all the pretty things! Being surrounded by all those smiley faces would be so nice :) I think I fell in love with you a little more when I saw that you liked Zelda!!! That is too cool! I honestly don't play video games as much as I use to growing up, but I remember loving Zelda and that being our favourite game to play on our old school nintendo! :) I'm so happy for you that your sweet mom got it for you :) p.s. Thanks for making shopping for you so easy ;)

  5. those TOMS are fab! even better than my highly coveted sparkly ones.

    and the fuji is only my list too, but i can't decided on that or the diana...

  6. Everything is so cute! hope you get everything on your list...or at least a couple of things! Merry X-mas Kary!