Before there was Eric or Edward....

There was Angel!!

And Spike!!


With all the craziness that happened when I read the Twilight Saga and saw True Blood for the first time, my heart almost lost it's way. But as I looked through my Netflix Que last night my heart did a double flip flop - Oh Buffy The Vampire Slayer! And as I watched it again I remembered who was the real vampire that owned my heart - Angel!
Spike was also kind of hot ;) But my heart is big and there's room for all of these hunky vampires ;)

Which Vampire do you ♥ ?


  1. hahaha. I never watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I did watch the movie! But not the series. You know Eric, ohhhhh Eric....he is mine. Bill says,"Sookie is mine." I say,"Eric is mine." :)
    Love those vampires!

  2. My, my, my...can I keep them all??

  3. ROBERT PATTINSON FOR SURE!!! ;) but angel is a hottie! do you watch "bones?" my mother-in-law loves it so when we'd go over and it'd be on, i would swoon at your first vampire love :)

    but my darling, you forgot ann rice's movies... BRAD PITT, Tom Cruise, AND Antonio Banderas as sexy vamps in "Interview with the Vampire" :)

  4. you know, i can't say i was a big fan of the buffy series... so i will agree with micaela on this one and definitely say ROBERT PATTINSON AND BRAD PITT!!!

    soooo drool-worthy.

  5. Hi Karina, I am so glad that you popped over and said hi and that you mentioned the swap because I somehow missed the email from Cole (found it after searching my inbox)!!! Your blog is wonderful! Can't wait to get to know you more!!!

  6. I was always in love with spike myself. I have no clue why; I jsut adored it. Angel always got on my nerves. :P

  7. Ha I never watched Buffy but I might give it a go and see how I like it :) When I used to like Twilight, Edward would have been my fave but I guess I've gotten over that. Eric is very sexy too :)

  8. It will always be Edward for me... But I love all the Cullen Boys! Jasper and Emmett are quite lovely too.
    Oh! And Mitchell from Being Human. Luuurve him!