Delicioso ;)

We were hit with another snowstorm yesterday evening, good thing was it wasn't as bad as last time. We only got  9 inches of snow ;) 

Funny thing is that they kept saying that it was going to be a snow day, I really believed with all my heart that it was going to happen and so the little night owl in me decided to come out and I fell asleep until 3:00am only to wake up at 5:30am and find out that all schools were going to be open - ugh what a nightmare. But I made it through the day with bags and swollen eyes ;)

The best part of the day was when Miguelito and I got to do our snow day ritual! 
When it snows a lot we get to go to the roof of our building and get some fresh clean snow. Some condensed milk,vanilla extract and sugar later we had Snow Ice Cream ;) It is the best winter dessert ever! Today we got to make some vanilla, almond and chocolate flavored snow ice cream ;) 

I Love that my Miguelito looks forward to our special winter tradition  ❤ and I look forward to it every single year ;)

Yummy - Vanilla Snow Ice Cream ;)
That is one yummy dessert!! Ugh but you can see the horrible bags under my eyes!

Everybody should get a chance to do some Snow Ice Cream! What are you waiting for?

On a last note "I LOVE to go shopping" - Especially when I get to go to one of my favorite thrift shops ;) 

I ❤ smiley faces! And when I saw this wooden smiley face bank dating back to 1980. I had to buy it and for $1.00! How could I say no ;)

Miguelito loves seashells and when I saw this vase I had to get it - I've been told it looks kind of tacky - but I don't care I'm a cornball like that ;) Plus Miguelito loves it!

This little wooden bird we freaking Love ❤ The three of us fell in love with it at first sight. It sits next to Miguelito's frame and looks at me with googly eyes ;) Oh and it was only .50 cents!

I Love my winter slippers ;)  I'm being sexy by showing some leg - lol ;)

These are just some of my items that I'm ❤ today! Can't wait to show you more of my goodies ;)
What special item do you ❤ today?

Kary xoxoxo


  1. Awwww I love your sweet winter tradition! You are such a fun mom to make Miguelito excited for a snowy morning with this special treat! I HATE snow and I would be so upset if we got even 3 inches, let alone 9 or 20 like that one day for you! But I have a feeling if I had some Vanilla snow ice cream I would welcome winter with open arms :) I will def have to try that next time :) From one night owl to another - I'm proud and glad you made it through the day on such little sleep! And you look absolutely beautiful and not tired at all! Girl you haven't seen bags until you've seen MY eyes after a night of no sleep or crying. That's when the Asain side of me peeks out and my slightly slanted eyes get REALLY slanted haha Loved seeing your awesome thrifting finds! I looooove seashells just like Miguelito and LOVE that vase :) Your winter slippers are not only adorable, but look so comfy! And thanks for showing a little leg, you've got a great pair Kary! :) xoxo

  2. What a fun tradition! I love that you even have a winter tradition.

    All your finds are soo lovely! The wooden smiley face bank. I used to love smiley faces when I was in year 8. I had a necklace and little charms and would draw them everywhere. I even earned the nickname smiley :)

    So they make me feel nostalgic and this made me really happy.

    I looovvee your slippers! I need something like that when our winter rolls around, though our winters are very mild.

  3. I love your finds Kary! specially that Smiley face!Me and Xavi go thrifting at least once a week and my husband says mas cochinero!

    Today I'm loving the fact that I will be brave enough to go to the 99 cent store to buy me some red lipstick! I'll buy it but don't know if I will actually send that picture to Micaela for our date! ha!

  4. Mmmm...that dessert looks scrummy! And I so adore your winter boots - the colors are gorg!! :)

  5. kary, it's so special that you are doing such a wonderful tradition for your son. i wish we get that much snow out here in vancouver but we don't! they keep saying it's going to snow and we don't get it. when it finally snowed the other day, the rain washed it all off. *sigh* oh well, i'll just have to wait!

    those slippers looks like the comfiest thing in the world!!! and j'adore the googlie-eyed bird!!!

    kisses to you, love.

  6. A winter tradition as sweet as this one has got to be carried forward ..awww I am so happy for you guys and bags , what bags ..pretty girl you always look pretty :))
    Also I'm glad Miguel is doing scared me too y'day ..have a great weekend !

  7. I am loving your winter slippers....
    Lots of snow here too and I have to confess I am over it already... Bring in Spring.

  8. what a fabulous tradition! yum!

    so happy miguelito is ok! :)

  9. i can't wait to have traditions with my future little ones!

    those boots?! LOVEEE THEM! and i love posts like these when you show off shopping spoils (even better when it's thrifting ones!) the seashell vase makes me smile :) and the bird with legs?! makes me giggle! Ha i looove that all 3 of you adore it (i spy my frame! ha makes us really feel like family!) the smiley bank-- amazing find!

    i had to laugh at cute you for staying up so late (night owls UNITE!) thinking you wouldn't have to go in the next day- esp. since we texted late the night before.

    love you!