Drumroll Please ;)

We have a winner!!!!
I swear that this giveaway was very legit and that the name that came out first 
was picked by Miguelito! 
I actually filmed as Miguelito picked the name - I hope you guys enjoy ;)
I do apologize in advance for the scary lady in the video below- she might be somewhat scary 
and I do hope you don't get nightmares -haha!

My avocado napkin holder & heart shaped bowl ;)


Email me your address @ Kary10024@hotmail.com

Kary xoxo

P.S. I almost did not post the video of myself, but what the hell. I mean there are some really ugly-smugly
people on TV - plus they have good lighting,video editing,and good makeup artist to their advantage, so I figured I'd do my video debut with you sweeties. I just hope I don't scare any of you guys away!!!


  1. You and Miguel are too, too cute and look great on video! Congrats to Elaine!

  2. Congrats to Elaine! You two are the cutest!!!! I felt butterflies in my stomach watching you guys! You made me laugh when you said there are ugly people on tv (so right!) Good thing you posted the video! I won't do that for my giveaway thought! I feel closer to you now! I love you guys!


    I was super keen on watching your video and I couldn't believe it when Miguelito said my name!!!

    This is my first serious win Kary --- I am soooo excited!

    Sending you that email right now. Lots of love love love love love and kisses your way!


  4. im sitting here giggling at how american you guys sound hahahahahahaha :D

  5. congratulations to the winner!!!!!!

  6. Kary bonita! no estuve! quien amo esta alli!! yo soy de España! fijate que lejos!!!
    Eres tu de alli???

  7. oh kary, i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEEEEED this post for so many reasons! i'm SO GLAD you posted the video of you! :) you're so pretty and so real and fun! you crack me up (like how you talk with your hands) and i adore you because you've got that quality that makes people feel like they've known you forever.

    Miguelito-- ADORABLE! my sweet nephew. :) you two are just so special and cute to see together!

    CONGRATULATIONS TO ELAINE!!! awww she's such a sweetheart too and she'll need the chewie boots in canada :) how perfect since she's awaiting her 2nd baby! :) Yay!!!

    thank you for hosting such a wonderful giveaway!!! xoxo

  8. I felt soooo giddy watching your videos, you two are ADORABLE!!! I'm so happy you posted them! :)

    Congratulations to Elaine! I know it feels awesome to win giveaways, especially when they're from sweet girls like you Kary!! :)

  9. Ahhhhh Kary!! :) I absolutely love, love, love watching these videos of you and Miguelito! :) You guys are tooooo precious!! Even though we chat all the time (loooooved our conversation last night!!! Thank you so much! It did my heart so good to talk to you about anything and EVERYTHING! Do you know how refreshing it is to be able to tell you things I can't tell just anybody?! I love you for that!) I can't tell you how happy I was to "see" your beautiful face and hear your voice! You are tooo adorable with your hand gestures! Love how you express yourself :) And that red, heart bowl is so perfectly you :) And Miguelito - he just steals my heart! Such a cutie! I watch the video you sent with his message to twinkie and I allllllll the time :) I just love it!
    Such a beautiful giveaway! Congratulations Elaine! :) So special :)

  10. Aww congrats to Elaine! You are so adorable! Your accent is so lovely ;) And your little sweetheart. What an absolute cutie!!? xx