If I can't win the lottery ;)

Ugh my laptop is acting up and I am so mad! Yesterday I took it in to Best Buy to get it checked out. I was told that it could be the adapter cable or if I wanted it to get sent for a thorough check up I could, but that meant being without my baby for 2 or 3 weeks. So I chose the best one for me - ordering the adapter and getting it in the mail in 3 to 4 business days, and today I woke up to see that my laptop will not turn on! What seemed like a good idea yesterday doesn't seem like a very brilliant one today ;(  Thank God for the desktop, and while Miguelito (the primary user) is in school I thought I'd write up this quick post ;)
Giveaways! Who doesn't love a giveaway :) Oh the Excitement - Eeeeeeee!!!
Two of my very sweet friends Claudia and Stephanie are hosting their very first and very awesome giveaways! 
I won't lie I did think about keeping them to myself so I could win them both, but that's not very nice and I just one my very first giveaway last week and it felt like I'd just won the lottery ;)
Now I'm spreading the word so that one of you lovies has the opportunity of winning one of these very awesome giveaways.

First head over to Claudias's Blog : Moncy3 and enter to win some of her very own handmade pretty Stationary! You could win your very own:

Imagine all the pretty mail you can send ;)

Set of 10 Animal Lovers envelopes
Set of 12 Drive North America mini envelopes and writing inserts
Set of 10 Vintage Music envelopes and note cards

Just hop over to Claudia's blog and follow her blog and check out the extra entry's ;)
Next head over to Stephanie's: Life and enter to win a CSN Stores $20 Gift certificate which you can use at any of their 200+ stores ;)

I already have my eye on this Cico Egg Cup Holder with Salt Castor! Aren't they cute ;)


                   All you have to do is leave a comment ;)

Good Luck
You can see why the greedy in me almost didn't let me post this - Ha!

But while your there won't you say Hola to these very sweet girls who I am so happy and honored  to call my sweet friends ;)
Oh and after all the excitement of signing up for these very awesome giveaways! Take a breather, maybe drink a cup of coffee while you sing "Time of my Life" ;)

And come back and check out the details of my very First Giveaway ;)
The feeling of winning a giveaway is so awesome that I thought I'd do the same for you my lovies ;)

Kary xoxo


  1. Basically yes! esta en la bolsa me hiciste reir! Thank you!

  2. I hope you get your laptop fixed soon, it is funny how reliant we become on these things haha. Y si hablo Español, soy originalmente de Chile pero estoy en Australia desde el 74. Ojala quede bien bonito ya que va ser un regalo para una amiga que conoci por el blog :D gracias por tus visitas y mensajes.

  3. hello Kary!! here i am!!!!! lovely place!!! I will pass to see you often!!! feliz dia!!!!! kisses!

  4. you're the cutest!!! and yes i agree-- hope you get your computer going again-- it's almost as bad as being without a phone, no?

    two very awesome giveaways, just like i KNOW yours is going to be! i like seeing what you'd pick out if you won steph's giveaway because it tells about ourselves, doesn't it, our taste? you love cute and quirky housewares. :) it makes me smile!