Goals for the New Year = A Better Me

Thank you so much my sweet friends for your very thoughtful comments in my previous post, it meant and means the world to me. I love you all and if I could hug you I would - So I'm sending you all a big virtual hug my lovely's! I Love you all!!!!

Eeeeee!! I can't believe that we are almost done with the first week of January! And our Christmas tree and decorations are still up! They will stay up for one more month - I refuse to let the holiday spirit leave our house ;)

 Happy Three Kings Day ;)
Today we get to eat some Rosca de Reyes - Yummy!!! more details and pics to come tomorrow ;) 
In the meantime enjoy!

And here I am late as always in writing down some goals that I wish to accomplish this new year ;)

☺ Respect myself more for who I am! I like to compare myself with others, and end up putting myself down a lot.

☺Action! If I want something to happen I have got to move, in other words I have got to stop daydreaming, things are not going to magically appear before me. I need to start taking action!

"Just because you know where you want to end up
doesn’t mean you will not be faced with obstacles, or challenges along the way.
Instant success rarely happens."

- Catherine Pulsifer

☺Start putting myself before others. I've neglected myself, by putting other peoples needs before me (this does not include my family).

☺I have got to learn to say NO! I feel bad saying no to people and therefore I end up being a Pushover!

☺I will try my best to expand my taste pallet - I can be a very picky eater and therefore I end up missing out on a lot of great foods.I usually end judging food by it's look :(

☺I will try my best to go to sleep early! I hope to be able to go to sleep by 11:00pm (or 12:00am) the latest Instead of reading,blogging,and playing Zelda -hehe!

 ☺Lose some weight!!! This one is a special and a must for me, I know it won't happen magically or super fast and I'm ok with that. I have started walking already and I feel Great! I was afraid of posting this one because once you say it aloud you know you can't back down!

☺Getting to know you sweeties even more and watching our friendship blossom ;)

Well loves these are just a few of my goals for this new year which I hope to accomplish or at least get better at ;)

Wishing you a very awesome Friday and an even better weekend ;)

Kary xoxo

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  1. Ok Kary you are SO adorable not wanting to let the holiday spirit leave your house. I imagine your home to be so warm and cozy. When I finally make it to NYC I just know I could stop over, get in some sweats and fuzzy socks and make myself at home on your couch as if I have done it many times before. Of course with a James McAvoy movie playing! :) That's how natural, comfortable and wonderful our friendship is!
    Reading your goals I kept thinking "ME TOO!" We are SO similar! Everything you have set out to do I could easily set for myself with only a couple of minor changes. Like expanding your taste pallet - I am not a picky eater! But I can't cook and I wish I could. Perhaps 2011 is the year I finally master the kitchen :) I have some goals that I'm afraid of posting as well because just like you said once you post it you can't back down! We can keep each other accountable :) I KNOW you can reach all of your goals. I believe in you!!! Good luck darling, make yourself proud xoxo

  2. What wonderful goals!! I think they are great because you are working to focus more on yourself :) Sometimes we need to do that (like learning to say no - I understand that).

    I truly know that you will be able to achieve these goals and I'm here supporting you all the way! xx

  3. Love the new layout girl!!!

    Your goals are wonderful and you are a strong person so i know you will achieve everything you set out to and we will be your mini cheer squad when its tough!! x

  4. You made me laugh Kary "not wanting to let the Christmas Spirit go" we took out tree down this past Sunday before the girls went back to school if not not one would have been able to help if you know what I mean! lol!

    You are way too nice and yes you need to look after yourself and do things for you before you do it for others (not including your family I am a mom and a wife too!)

    OHHHH! weight I have some weight to loose too not a lot but the most important I need to apretar esta lonja...jajaja yes I look like I have a muffin in there! Since Xavi was born I have not been able to get rid of it now...4 yrs I's time now to do some push ups or something. Pero mi esposo dice que le gusta la carnita! jajaja

    Have a lovely weekend my Dear Kary! besitos!

  5. Hi Karina!

    Love your blog!!
    I found you because you found me over at chocolateandbabies.com!

    Jules :)

  6. we share some of the same goals [going to bed early, losing weight/getting fit, putting myself first]. if we get to meet in nyc on one of my visits, i'll help you expand your palate! i'm big into food...all kinds of food!