I hate you Geek Squad - Blah!!

Ugh! I can't believe it's been 5 days since I've blogged ;( 
And I still have no adapter for my laptop and now my laptop doesn't even turn on! I am so mad!
 When I checked my status online it said that I had gone to the store last Wednesday and picked up the cable.
Bullshit!! I was told and given a receipt saying I would receive it in 3-4 days in the mail!
Yesterday I was on the phone for about an hour waiting for someone to answer and when they did answer I was given another number to call. I was told to ignore the message it said online, that the cable had not shipped yet and that whoever told me it takes 3-4 days lied, it takes 7 to 10 business days! If in 10 business days the adapter does not arrive, I must call them again and that's when another process will begin to see what happened with the adapter! It seems like forever and I miss my laptop!!!!
Whew!!! Sorry for the rambling ;)

Aside from that our days have been filled with lots of excitement,happiness,frigid temperature,and lots of snow.
Sunday the 23rd was such a special occasion for Miguelito and us ;)

Miguelito in Church - getting ready for his Baptism!!!
Miguelito was baptized and born again as a child of God ;)
It was such an emotional day for me, I couldn't hold back my tears.
It was a day full of love and family, a very small intimate ceremony with the people that matter the most to us.
I also want to Thank my family that is far away but close in mind and spirit.
 Miguelito's Tia's Micaela & Marz ;)
 Thank you so much my darling girls you made this day so much more special! 
We love you!!You mean the world to us  
I promise to post more and better quality pictures very - very soon ;)

I've missed you guys and I plan to catch up on all your blogs!

❤ Three's Company 

Be Happy - No Worries ;)

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Thank you sweeties for all of you who have already signed up and blogged about the giveaway.
❤  Lots of Amor to all of you  

Hope you all are having a great week and enjoying some nice weather.
 As for us New Yorkers - Winter is really taking a toll on us, and it has been really, really cold! Can you believe it was 6' degrees yesterday!
Today we woke up to one inch of snow and tomorrow we have another snowstorm coming our way!
We might have a snow day tomorrow, but am I really willing to take a chance and let the little night owl in me come out?
Haha! We all know what happened the last time I didn't get a snow day ;)

Oh but I might get lured in by Dexter  
Isn't he a cutie? - He already won me over with that little smile of his!
I LOVE you Dexter!!!!


  1. congratulations to miguelito for getting baptised! i am going to have to go through that process in a few years. when dylan was 3 months old, we had a dedication held at my husband's church for him. because the husband is a born-again christian and i am catholic, we are leaving the baptism at a later date for my son to be able to choose his own path. but whichever he chooses, we are raising him to believe that there is a God who has blessed us with him.

    congratulations again to your little man!!!

  2. Aaaawww...congrats to your lil sweetie on his baptism! The two of you are so adorable!

    Oh no! How can you not watch Bones? I love that show, especially the chemistry between the two leads..Yummm! hahahahaha ;)

  3. Sorry to hear about your computer problems!

    and yay for Miguelito being baptized! I had the dedication ceremony for my kids when they were babies and it is such a rewarding moment knowing that you are doing what a parent needs to do. Teach them that there is a God! Dios bendiga a toda tu linda familia hoy y siempre mi querida Kary!

    Our winter is very very mild here! Hope yours gets better!

  4. i am still so very happy and touched to have been "a part" of his special day!!!! me and marz were OVERJOYED with his adorable message!!!! oh it was so darling!!! we love him and you and we are family. (in fact, THANK YOU for being so kind when i was having "one of those days" yesterday-- esp. since you were too with the whole computer business! Oh my goodness-- it frustrates me just reading it! i can't imagine how upset you must have been!)

    I LOVE YOU BOTH!!!! what an emotional day and magical.

    i ADORE the photo of you two in the snow! :) and Dexter-- AMAZING show!!! it's mine and max's favorite and i can't wait for the next season already! man oh man. Michael C. Hall? brilliant!! and you know him and his wife (deb on the show) got a divorce...

    you know, for our dreams anyway ;) for us happily married girls... LOL!

    how was your shopping therapy today?
    i can't wait to do that again! perhaps after friday morning... ;) FINGERS CROSSED!!!

    man oh man, sorry for the novel of a comment but as you can clearly see, i've missed your blog posts!!! IMMENSLEY!!! :)

    love you and excited for your giveaway! someone's going to be totally lucky!

  5. Congratulations to you and your whole family once again Kary..and am loving the pics esp the one in the snow :)
    Hope your system starts working real soon !!

  6. I could do with a little cool weather this way. We spent Australia day with my parents and their air con died :/ I was so hot yesterday PLUS their ice tray was empty so I put fresh water in and when I went to get a drink they still weren't set and the water was so hot. I came back home, lucky when I jumped in the pool there was a breeze.

    Fingers crossed you get your adapter soon.

  7. Awww...you and your family are too adorbs!

    It's crazy to hear about the frigid weather you are experiencing - it has been in the seventies all week here in SoCal! :P

  8. I'm sooo happy for you, your family and for Miguelito getting baptised. That's amazing and I'm sure it was a wonderful and emotional experience. Can't wait to see more photos of the day!

    And I'm sorry that you have had such a frustrating time with your lap top. This is one of the worst things about technology! I hope it all works out in the end!

  9. Ugh that sounds so annoying! Customer service can be so ridiculous sometimes!

    Miguelito looks so precious! Hope you got your snow day!

  10. Hey! Thanks for visiting :) Your family is so cute, I wqas 7yrs old when i was baptised Catholic..i'm afraid i may have fallen off the wagon a bit since then :O