Just Because I Love You Giveaway ;)

Oh! I am so excited to be hosting my very First Giveaway ;)
I was going to wait until my first year blog-anniversary to host one, but I just won my first giveaway last week and it feels awesome. Now I want one of you my very sweet friends to have that feeling also ;)

I had some very lovely comments regarding my winter slippers, that I decided to go back to Claire's and purchase a pair of very cute Fuzzy Chewbacca Style Slippers for my giveaway!

Up For Grabs:

A pair of fuzzy soft boot style slippers from Claire's, Bow earrings from Claire's, Feather necklace from H&M,and an xoxo wallet bought at a thrift store.

xoxo wallet and bow earrings

Feather Necklace

One lucky gal will win all 4 items ;)
How To Enter Your Name In The Hat Of Chance:

1) You must be a follower of  Ramblings Of A Simple Girl - this blog ;) and leave a comment with the item you heart the most - 1 Entry

Additional Entries:

1) Blog about this giveaway - 1 entry
2) Put up the button giveaway - 1 entry

The winner will be picked on Saturday January 29th.
I will write each of your names on a piece of paper depending on the number of entries you have and Miguelito will pick out the name.
The winner will be announced on the next day - Sunday :)
Good luck sweeties - I really wish I could give you all something special, but depending on how this giveaway goes, I might have some other surprises up my sleeves ;)

Buena Suerte to you all!!!
If you have any questions just shoot me an email at Kary10024@hotmail.com

Kary xoxo


  1. How fun! I want it all! Specially that wallet :)

    -I am your follower my Dear
    -your button is up and running
    -I I blogged about it, I put little reminder of my giveaway in there ;)

    Fingers crossed!

  2. Ohmigosh this may be the best giveaway EVER! I so want to win!

    I am a follower on Google Friend Connect!! :)


  3. AHHHHH!! That is the most perfect giveaway :) I could not get over how adorable those boots were when I first saw your pic and how much I wanted a pair for myself. Especially today because it's absolutely FREEZING in Texas at the moment :( So cold that I stayed at my desk for lunch because I didn't want to venture out into the winter weather. I have already put up a button for your sweet giveaway on my blog, but since lunch time is over I'll have to post a blog later for a third entry! :) Can't wait!! So excited for your first giveaway!!! The prize is so wonderful!!! Love you!!! xoxoxo

  4. I will blog about your giveaway. Here is mine and it closes tomorrow. :)


  5. I'm also following! I hope you will follow me too and enter my giveaway that ends tomorrow. =D

  6. As I am a Star Wars dork, I'll have to say the Chewbacca slippers are my absolute favorite!! They look so warm and fuzzy and comfortable! :)
    I've also added your button to my sidebar! I'll comment again when I've blogged about it. :)

    yay, crossing my fingers!!

  7. ahhh the slippers are fabulous! and though i'm not a star wars cutie like sandra, my husband calls stella (your furry sombrina -sp?!) "chewie" cos she looks like chebacca! so i had to giggle.

    WHAT A GREAT GIVEAWAY DULCE AMIGA!! i love everything-- the necklace, the earrings, EVERYTHING!!! pick me pick me!!!

    adding your button on my blog NOW!


  8. This is so wonderful! I adore each and every item! I love the slippers. I'm a huge fan of warm, fluffy slippers in winter.

    I will totally add your button to my blog :) xx

  9. Congrats on your first giveaway ..and oh my everything's so wonderful though I love the wallet most ..you know how crazy I am for them ..
    but the earrings , the slippers ..
    awesome stuff for your first ..I hope I'm the lucky one ..shd I bribe Miguel :P ..
    and yes will def add your button to my blog :)
    Maybe even do a lil blog tomorrow ..
    xoxo ..

  10. Ok def a follower now, just because I am an Angel girl (referring to your post about vampires before the Edwards and Erics!) I was about 16 when I started watching Angel (the spinoff from Buffy) and I had to sneak downstairs because it was on pretty late! I still love the guy and I try to watch Bones as religiously as I can! Good times, back then! ;)

    And of course, congrats on the giveaway! ;)

  11. I am a follower! And I love the wallet so much! It's so sweet :)


  12. You blog is sooo lovely !!!
    i am your new follower:)
    I like every gift,but most of all i love the pusre and the earings!!They are just super<3

  13. what a great giveaway! you are so sweet!!!
    I am a follower and I think I favorite is the slippers, they look so comfy.
    hope you have a happy day!

  14. kary, this is a precious precious giveaway! you're making me want to do my very own!!! i just heart those fuzzy slippers!!!

    you know how much love i give you.

    i'm definitely a follower :)
    i am blogging about this in two minutes :)
    and i'm putting up the button on my site!

    kisses and good luck to everyone!!!

  15. I am totally into the "chewi" boots!