Snowday ;)

We finally had a snow-day yesterday ;)
After 19 inches of snow covered New York City!

 I didn't get to go to sleep late like I wanted to, because I was sort of wimped out thinking of what happened last time ;)
But the snow kept on falling 2 inches per hour and by the time it was 5:00am we had
approximately 17 inches of snow - so the chancellor declared it a snow-day!
All public schools were closed ;)

I ran back into my very warm and cozy bed and went back to sleep until around 10:30am, when
Miguelito woke up wanting to play his DSI. We spent the day just relaxing,sipping some hot chocolate, playing the Wii, and watching movies ;)
By the time it stopped snowing the total accumulation of snow was 19 inches!
 Talk about a lot of snow! As I type this it is snowing outside and another snowstorm is headed
our way next week!

Ah but it's Friday, and I'm surrounded by love. I feel happy and cheerful and I have been
singing rock and roll music all day long ;)
I feel blessed and more than ever I give thanks to God for all the wonderful people that are in my life!

Plus tomorrow I pick the winner of my first giveaway ;) I'm so excited and nervous! I wish you could
all win!

Happy Friday Sweeties!

Kary xoxo


  1. Oh wow! that is a lot of snow...i bet it'so relaxing watching the snow fall when you are inside sipping on some hot chocolate and don't have to be out there! Glad you guys had a relaxed day!

    Cool music! Can't wait for tomorrow to find out who's the lucky winner. Have a lovely weekend my Dear!

  2. that is tons of snow! i am sooooo jealous of you right now. the winter is my 2nd most utmost favourite season and it's too bad we're not really having much of a winter here in my corner of the world. supposedly, this year was going to be the "worse winter" we've ever had --- sadly, it snowed for 2 days and the 3rd day, it rained and washed away all that beautiful, powdery white!

    so my gorgeous friend, please enjoy this snow for me and when you decide to venture out, do a little dance for me??? :)

  3. All snows!! That nice!!! Here we have very much coldly but even the snow has not come!! Since I like to see these images!! They are so nostalgic!!!
    Happy weekend!!! besitos!!!!

  4. That is a ridiculous amount of snow. And I'm sure it's annoying but it looks utterly beautiful and enchanting. I haven't seen snow before and I'm mesmerised by it :)

    Glad you had a sleep in and had a wonderful cosy day. Hot chocolate and movies are perfect for cold days. x

  5. I just stumbled on your blog and so enjoyed the snowy pictures!


    i can't believe all that snow!

    i'm jamming currently in my sweats to your playmix! i love it :)

  7. Omg that is a whole lot of snow! care to parcel some of it over here? LOL

  8. Oh that snow! I want the snow to come back here!!

  9. It's amazing that something as beautiful as snow can be so freaking annoying!!! haha. I hate it! But it is pretty to look at! :)

  10. I LOVE that when I come to your blog, Richie Valens comes on!! lol
    These are the songs I grew up listening to! Aaw, just listening to these songs make me wish I was young again... :')

    ps. your pictures look so professional!

  11. I can't believe how much snow there is! And I thought there was alot of snow here in Texas haha The snow looks soooo magical!!! It reminds me of Narnia :) Even though I hate the cold, I think it would be nice to see a snow covered NYC! Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos!
    I'm enjoying my snow day today by catching up on blogs, maybe watch a movie in a bit, and maybe even go back to bed for awhile! :) I LOVE IT! I really should be cleaning, but...I just feel like relaxing :)