My Little artist in the making ;)

Me: Miguelito what do you want to be when you grow up?
Miguelito: An artist mami - I LOVE Art and I love to paint and draw things ;) 

A few months ago Citibank was handing out little black notebooks to people walking by in the street, Miguelito was lucky enough to claim his own little notebook which he proceeded to use as his drawing book.Whenever we go out he makes sure to bring it along and if he sees something special he will make us stop and sit down while he draws ;) He only uses pencil when he draws in his black notebook - he believes it looks better and much more professional,his goal: to draw portraits of people ;)

A Snowman he built during the first snowfall

After carrying it around in his pocket so much his little notebook broke

Dum-Dum (Museum Of Natural History)
A little radio playing music
Volcano from an exhibit

A picture of our Smiley and Grumpy Mugs full of coffee ;)
- Art is the colors and textures of your imagination -
Kary xoxo
P.S. If anyone knows where I can get a little black notebook that won't break so easily, please let me know ;)


  1. Awww...his artwork is so incredibly adorable - as is he! :)

  2. such an artist!!! i'm loving it, just as much as i love his photo! precious!

  3. This is the most precious post. You will treasure those always!

  4. Kids' art work is the best! I treasure all of Sophia's pictures and little notes. Xavi not yet! Miguelito is a great artist I love the mugs and the radio playing music!

  5. Those are some awesome drawings, Miguelito!!

    My boys like to draw too. I have some of their artwork framed and hanging in the hallway. haha. I love it. Zac has spirals and spirals full of drawings. :)

  6. love miguelito's drawings! moleskine makes great notebooks, lined, unlined, graph paper...and all sorts of sizes!

  7. Kary, I just realized when i made the comment i I was in my brother's house and his girlfriend was logged in her name is Karina also! sorry for the inconvenience ;)

  8. Sooooooo precious!!! :) Your little boy is sooo adorable! Such a handsome boy :) Just like my dad Miguel, Miguelito is such a talented artist! I LOVE that drawing of Dum-Dum and the mugs full of coffee! Just adorable. I love thinking of him taking his little black notebook out whenever the inspiration hits him :)

  9. if only all parents encouraged their children in what they enjoy. I hope he finds a sturdy notebook, the ones here in Australia have a wire spiral but I would much prefer a moleskine for drawing

  10. That is gorgeous!! He has such a little talent and I think he will go far :) It's wonderful that he already knows what he wants to do.

    As for a little note book, I think a sketch book with spiral would be good. We have them here :) I should send you one! x

  11. WOW! what a talented little artist!
    I am sorry I am just seeing this now, I thought that I was following you, but apparently it didn't connect me right the first time. (but now I am a follower!)
    I love the drawing with the teacups, the faces are great!
    A great place to get a book is at micael's or A.C. Moore. I would look for one that doesn't have a glued binding, look for one with a sewn binding.
    Good luck!
    happy drawing, miguel!