“Perhaps our eyes need to be washed by our tears once in a while, so that we can see Life with a clearer view again.” - Alex Tan

This is one of those weeks that I am happy to bid goodbye! 

As a mom one of the scariest phone calls that you can get is that of the school nurse. Especially when it involves something happening to your child. 
Yesterday after reading this post on Micaela's blog and literally running to watch "Heartbreaker" on my Netflix, my phone rang and what happened next was a blur:

Nurse: Hello can I please speak to Mrs.Pacheco

Me: Yes this is her

Nurse: Hi this is the school nurse and I'm calling you to tell you that Miguel has had an accident

Me: Huh (choking back tears and talking in a high pitched voice) What happened? Where is he?What happened is my baby ok?

Nurse: Shhhh...relax...

Me: Relax! What happened?

Nurse: Miguel was running outside in the schoolyard and slipped on some ice

Me: What - Omg is he hurt?Did he break something? What happened?

Nurse: Miguel fell and hurt the right side of his face. It looks worse than what it is

Me: Is he bleeding? Did he bump his head? Is he OK? Do I pick him up right now?

Nurse: He has a small abrasion on his cheekbone and above his eyelid, we washed the area, and did some other exams but he seems to be ok. But when you see him do not be surprised or scared. It looks really scary but its really nothing to worry about. He just fell and he might have hit his head.

Me: Don't worry - Don't worry! He just looks scary and he might have hit his head? Do you know how many people have died because they hit themselves on the head and ignore it and not go to the hospital? Do you? At what time did this happen?

Nurse: During recess

Me: During recess? That was three hours ago and I just get this phone call!!!! - It's 15 degrees outside and there's ice and snow outside and you people took the children out for recess in those conditions, and my child has an accident and you just call me now!!! 

Nurse: They need exercise and he seemed ok so we sent him back to class

Me: What??? I'm picking him up from school in 10minutes, he better be in the office ready to go and with a report to take with me to  the ER! 

I hanged up the phone and ran to get Miguelito from school. We were at the ER all evening.Where he got a CAT scan and a full exam to make sure that everything was ok.
I'm so relieved that my Miguelito is ok aside from the horrible bruising (which we are hoping is much better by next Sunday). The doctor said if he would have fallen a different angle it would have been a different situation, and I am happy that I can give a sigh of relief. Monday is a new day in which I will be going to the school to have a meeting with the principal let's see how that goes.

But what a scary day especially because I woke up with a horrible feeling yesterday morning. Have you ever had one of those mornings, when things seem so out of the ordinary, and with a weird feeling in the pit of your stomach?
I did! Yesterday - Right before we left the house to drop Miguelito off at school, he ran to me when I was by the door and said "Mami I love you and I wish I could stay home with you today and watch movies in bed - Te amo mami", after he told me that I swear I felt the hibbie jibbies!
And as I walked to pick Miguelito up from school I couldn't help but think that if I would have listened to him and my instinct, he wouldn't have gone to school and he wouldn't have fallen in recess.
But there's the thing as a mom I wish I could keep him close to me always, away from harms way. 
But I can't! That's the way of life and I need to let my little bird fly.

Miguelito when he was 4yrs old

                There is always a moment in childhood when the door opens and lets the future in.
- Graham Green

On a very happy note! I can't think of a better way to end a somewhat horrible week than by being the winner of a very awesome giveaway :)
I never win anything! And to start this new year by winning a giveaway is great, does this mean that I am on a roll and I will win a ton of giveaways? ;)
The gorgeous ring that I won! I can't wait until it arrives so that I can wear it ;)  

Thank you beautiful Jules of Chocolate and Babies for hosting such a beautiful giveaway. 
Even though she will be having her baby in a day or two :) She still managed to organize such an awesome giveaway. 
A million thanks sweetie and I can't wait to see pictures of beautiful baby Liam with his beautiful mom ;)
Good luck sweetie and you are in my prayers for a safe delivery and a very healthy baby boy.

Will you my dear loveys have Jules in your prayers as well so that she may have a safe delivery and her and her baby boy Liam  are ok.

Wishing you all a great weekend ;)

Kary xoxoxo

P.S. I can't wait until next week to share lots of exciting news ;)


  1. i can only imagine the panic that would set in knowing that your baby was hurt... I know how i am with pets and I'm sure a child is much much MUCH more intense...
    Sending you both lots of love - hope the bruises clear up soon xx

  2. Oh my Gosh! They waited that long to call you.
    Oh heads would have rolled...
    But so happy that he is ok!
    I dont even have Liam yet and I cant even imagine the panic I would feel.

  3. I AM SOOO HAPPY MIGUELITO IS OKAY! :( oh my goodness, you are a smart mommy to demand answers because you are so right-- God forbid anything would have happened to him because he "appeared fine." Bless you for taking him to the ER just to make sure! and i'm GLAD he is!!! i pray you strength and comfort for monday's meeting.

    even with the bruises, i know miguelito is still so handsome! and smiling his great smile!

    i hope you LOVED heartbreaker! and YAY for the beautiful giveaway win!!! no one deserves it more :) can't wait to see what it looks like on you.


  4. oh Kary. I am so relieved to hear that miguelito is doing ok. and i'm so glad that he did fall on the side of his face rather than the back of his head which would've been so much different. i am also thankful that you brought him straight to the ER. i would've done the same thing.

    as moms, i know how you feel when you get those pitts on your stomach. it's a horrible feeling. my little dylan has had problems with fevers last year as he succumbs to febrile seizure and we've had to rush him to the ER twice for those already! i even called 911 for the both of them. it's scary and i panic and i cry so now, everytime he gets even a slight fever, i panic and worry and say my prayers like there is no tomorrow.

    on a happier note, CONGRATULATIONS on the beautiful giveaway you won! that's so exciting! i NEVER win anything either.

    love, love :)

  5. Amiga, I'm so sorry to hear what happened, but so happy to hear Miguelito is okay! What an inspiring and fierce mommy you are!! :) good luck with your meeting, you are absolutely right in questioning their actions. :(

    PS that ring is gorgeous!!

  6. So glad Miguelito is fine! You did the right thing by taking him straight to the ER. Shame on the school officials for calling you three hours later!! Keep being a good mommy!

    Congrats on that beautiful ring!

  7. Oh my Kary! I'm so glad that he is ok!! I can only imagine the panic you must have felt and can completely understand freaking out a little.

    I have felt like that before. Getting that bad feeling before finding out what it is. It's happened with phone calls before and it's horrible.

    I'm so happy that he is alright! Much love and prayers!

    Yay for winning the giveaway :)

  8. I can only imagine how you felt when you heard about Miguelito. He is such a cutie and glad he's ok though bruised.

    Hoping your family is relaxing and having a good rest of the weekend.

    p.s. I'm ordering the Levi's now! p.s. Free shipping if you sign up for their newsletter! You get the e-mail in a few minutes and free shipping is valid for a week!

  9. Awwww, I'm glad your little man is ok!! Mom's just get those feelings sometimes. I can't believe the school waited so long to call you!! Zac's school calls me for every little thing. He had like two bumps on his chin once and told his teacher it was itchy. They called me and made me pick him up because he had a "rash"! It was just the heat. haha.