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Just when we thought it couldn't get colder, we woke up to freezing temperature - Brrrrrrr!!!
It is 15 degrees outside but it feels more like -0 outside. 
Thank God for gloves, scarves and hats ;)
I warn you in advance that this post will be somewhat long!

I've never mentioned that there is construction going on next to our building!
And not only is it annoying because of the constant noise early in the morning, but also because of all the
dust that is flowing around. It agitates my asthma horribly :(
I hate walking through there every morning, not only because it's such a pain walking through that mess
 but it's also very scary!
There have been so many construction accidents where pedestrians end up getting hurt, and this construction site has had 10 violations and is constantly closed due to that.
Sadly enough yesterday was a the first bad accident at this site, 2 construction workers
 ended up falling 65 feet and died!
Imagine to my surprise when I walked out of the building to see all the news vans,reporters,police,
and fireman.

es the city
Police car in front of where I live!
Today everything is quiet at the construction site,while they investigate and have a day of silence.It is so sad to see when accidents like this happen, only then does the city start paying attention

I never did show you guys pictures from The Three Kings Day Rosca :)

This is such a yummy treat. That we get to eat only on January 6th

Miguelito and me made sure to dig in :)

Kary xoxo

Countdown to Amor :)

One of my many favorite love movies:

I love this movie :) It's so cute and funny!

One of my favorite love songs:

Fun Love Quote:

  Who needs toothpaste? When kissing someone, saliva actually washes out the mouth and helps remove food particles that can cause cavities. Pucker up!

Hmmmmm!! It seems that kissing not only does a body good but it also helps out mouth wise :)


  1. awww --- my earlier post got deleted! silly me forgot to sign in!!! grrrr.

    just wanted to say that the 3 kings rosca looks delish!!!! i couldn't believe how MASSIVE it is!

    and also, the wedding date has got to be part of my all-time fave romance movies as well. i'm such a sucker for anything romantic!

    how have you been, my gorgeous?

  2. how scary! (all that construction :( sad)

    stay indoors! :) i've never had a 3 things rosca.. but i wish i could have some now! :)

    OH MY GOODNESS-- THE BEST MOVIE EVER!!! he's sooo dreamy! "i think i'd miss you even if we didn't meet" ... gets me every single time.

    such a fun sexy sweet movie and a great choice!!!

    and LOL at your fun fact. haha

  3. How sad that two people died! I can't image the families pain!!! :(

    You know I just realized that I always watch what the other people want to watch!!! It's either my husband or the kids making the choices...I will start making my list of the movies that I want to watch and have a movie date with me myself and I. Fun fact!!

  4. That is SOOOO sad about the two construction workers :( I will pray for their familys at their sad and tragic loss :( So scary it was near you too :(

    It snowed again last night and so schools were closed again today which meant I didn't have to go to work - and I'm so thankful! Last night I started feeling like I was getting sick with fever. I took some meds and could feel my temperature break. I was thinking I was going to have to call in and luckily I didn't have to :) I've been sleeping off and on all day.

    Love that photo of you and Miguelito and your special treat :) Looks delicious!!!

    And I LOOOOOVE The Wedding Date!! One of my most favourite movies ever. I can watch it anytime :) I love this series Kary :) love you!

  5. Terrible for the poor men :(
    Ive never seen the wedding date, will have to tho!

  6. Oh that's so sad :( And it is scary so stay safe!

    I did like the wedding date. Jason actually got it for me one time from Blockbuster because he thought I would like a chick flick :)

    Loving sweet countdown with songs, videos and facts.

  7. Those poor guys! I always feel so sad when I hear about things like that, even when I don't know them.

    That doughnut thing is unlike anything I've ever seen, it's huge! Haha! Also, I don't think I've ever watched The Wedding Date the whole way through. My favorite wedding movie of all time is The Wedding Planner. I know every line! Lol. Glad to be your newest follower :)! How fun it would be to live in New York City! I visited there last July and LOVED it!

  8. hi karina, i saw your message, don't worry about a thing! I figured that you had things going on, I am sorry about your grampa. take your time and be well!