Hi, I Adore You...

 Today I'm feeling nostalgic, sad, mad and somewhat hateful!!!
Just when I thought I was going to pop from total bliss - our world has been turned upside down.
Ugh!! But please don't pay mind to me!!

Today I'm joining in on Sweet Erika's - Hi,I adore you... segment :)

Today I'm adoring:

The fact that Spring is right around the corner and that I will be able to wear my
little blue kitty cat heels again :)
Oh how I adore these shoes!
Thrift shop score - they were just sitting there in a dark corner, spanking brand new - calling my name!

Wearing my Rosette stretchy headband - blue polka dot and my matching blue polka dot ring (one 
of a set of three) from Melissa's shop "The Pleated Polka Dot" - Melissa's shop is full of so many 
pretty things. You can see by my cheezy smile that I'm loving my headband :)
These are just some of the goodies I won in "Allora's Handmade Blog Group Giveaway" about a month ago! You can check out some of the items I won here.
 Tomorrow I will tell you about an awesome giveaway that I won over at Cafe Fashionista (sweet Erika's blog)
Hint: It's an awesome addition to my _____ collection! And I'm loving it :)

My Purely cluster enhancer necklace in pink from Megan's shop 
Also an item I won from the group giveaway, as soon as I have some money I am hoping right
on over to Megan's shop and buying myself the matching earrings :)
You should check out her shop everything is so pretty,girly and modern - my kind of shop!

Learning to rock my reading glasses :)
Bling-Bling Baby!! 

I am adoring this version of "Stand by me" and dancing Bachata with my Miguelito ;)
As I grew up I remember my mamma cleaning the house and dancing with the broom as she cleaned, I would do the same thing with the mop :) Until she grabbed me by my hand and we'd dance
together in the living room, now I grab my Miguelito and dance around the living room with him.
Even though I have to drag him sometimes - lol!!

Well loves these are just a few of the things I'm adoring today ;)  
I'd love to hear what you are adoring today?

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend
Kary xoxo


  1. Wow you won a ton of goodies!! i'm loving sll our friends today who made hubbie's party last night so special :) hope you are ok x

  2. that is a great way to turn you feelings postitive! what wonderful things you shared!!!
    I am loving my new crochet projects I have been working on and am hoping to get back into the groove of things since I have been in such a heavy funk lately :(
    have a great day, sweets!

  3. p.s. I am really happy that Miguelito liked the sketchbook. I love the plain ones like that that are simple and easy to stuff into a bag on the go!

  4. ooohhhh! those shoes have the cutest bottoms!!! they are just adorable!

    btw, i finally got the package!!! yey!!!!!!! i'm going to do a post on it tomorrow :) thank you thank you thank you!

  5. hoping things are ok on your end! and wow that's a lot of pretty things you won there! buy a lotto ticket or something at least play loteria...

    ...Sophia loves that song!

    I love that picture of you and your reading glasses!

  6. I've always loved that song and I really like the version you posted! I wish I could dance like those girls...sigh...never gonna happen! Hahaha! SO GLAD you got that Valentine! I was so worried I wrote the wrong address because I didn't double-check it!

  7. Love everything you have gotten :) Lots of pretties!

    Hope all is well lovely girl *hugs* I'm only an email or tweet away if you need to talk or vent!


  8. Ah, thank you, thank you for the shoutout, Karina; I'm loving your take on Hi, I Adore You... Those shoes are incredible; and I am in love with your rings. Too cute!! :)

  9. OMG I love, love, love your heels!!! SO pretty!! I love all your beautiful accessories :) You deserve to win them all! It's so nice to see your pretty face. And your butterfly tat is so cute! I love thinking of you dancing with Miguelito the way your mom use to dance with you - so sweet!!