❤ Hopeless Romantic ❤

I can't believe it's already February 1st!! Ah where has the time gone. 
I Love February it's the month of love and friendship.
It's a time of pretty cards, yummy chocolates, and lots of sweet goodies ;)

Yes - I know there are some people who consider Valentine's Day to be a cliche!
We should celebrate love and friendship everyday not only during a commercial holiday - blah- blah- blah!
Stop being a grouch! 

❤ Yes I'm that girl the one that's in love with love ❤
Love is beautiful!

Only 13 days left until Valentine's day ;)
As part of the countdown to Valentines Day along with my regular  post -  I will be putting up my favorite romantic song of the day, a favorite movie clip, and a fun love fact ;)
I hope you guys enjoy this little limited time edition ;)

To start things off how about joining a Valentine's swap - There's nothing better to put you in the mood
than preparing a package full of love for a new friend ❤
My darling friend Pria over at My Reflections is hosting one called "All You Need Is Love" so head
on over to her blog and join in the Love - there are still 6 days left to join ;)

Que Viva El Amor!

One of my many favorite love scenes from a movie is:

I LOVE this movie!
 Not only does it show a very yummy young Tom Cruise - but this movie always seems to mesmerize me ;)

One of my favorite romantic songs:

Not only does Andrea Bocelli have an amazing voice but this song is one of the best romantic songs ever!
 It gives me shivers and tears me up every single time!

Fun Love Fact:

People are more likely to tilt their heads to the right when kissing instead of to the left (65 percent of people go to the right!)

I really hope you guys enjoy this little segment and if you have any suggestions or submissions for any of the category's please feel free to email me at: Kary10024@hotmail.com

I want to end this post with a baby pic of me ;)

I've been told that I have a similarity to Baby Boo from Monsters Inc ;)

Happy Tuesday Sweeties ;)
Kary xoxo


  1. Awww, you did look like Baby Boo!! haha. Too cute! :)

  2. we ARE twins!!! haha love your baby boo :)

    and am excited for your posts on amore!!! legend-- i haven't seen it in AGES and you just made me excited to watch it again! i was always scared of the red guy lol

    man oh man i want to join Priya's swap but i had already joined alyssa's and STILL without a job... ugh. sucks cos you know me, i LOVE a good swap and priya's last one is how we met! :)

    i love you!!! xoxo

    suggestion: you ARE going to add otis redding's "these arms of mine" right?! x

  3. HELLO BOO!!!! :)

    that's what we should call you from now on! i love that you're in love with love... and the month of february is seriously the best time to get going on all things red, heart and romantic.

    i wish i can join the swap but we are in the process of a move in the short while so it's going to be crazy these next couple of weeks! it's tough to move around with a young kid... and with dylan's birthday just two days ago, we have even more things to drag to the new move!!! sooooo much stuff!!!

    i have sent you my email with my address --- i'm still riding on a high just from winning your giveaway!!!

    kisses your way :)

  4. aww that is sooo cute! you do look like Boo!

    I'm totally looking forward to your v-day special! xo

  5. Aww baby Boo! We haven't planned much for Valentine's Day but we really should!

  6. Look at you baby Boo! Cute!

    Just listening to the song in that movie felt relaxing. As I was feeling some stress thinking about today's chores. What movie is that? never seen it.

  7. I love love love this! I have always liked Valentine's Day. Even when I was single. In highschool my friends and I used to send each other flowers ;) One year a friend of mine brought flowers to my classroom and 'pretended' it was from a secret admirer. Everyone thought it was really sweet because they didn't know that it was my friend :) We thought it was hilarious!

    And you are adorable. You do look like Boo from Monsters Inc. I loved Boo and wanted my own :p xx

  8. Oo Boo :) i love this picture !!