"Mami, I feel like this is a dream" - Miguelito

Ah! It's Wednesday already! It's back to school and normal week days next week.
And Miguelito and Manhattan can not stand to be apart from each other.
I have never seen my night owl wake up SO early during vacation time!
Miguelito is so responsible, helpful, and happy.
Manhattan wakes up and starts looking for Miguelito and as soon as they are both up and energized
it's non-stop running and playing in the hallway.
Miguelito is already dreading going back to school next week and being apart from Manhattan :(
In the meantime I will leave you with some pictures of my boys :)

Our little Manhattan/Colonel/Blackie/Cash :)

Cuddling in between Humbe's feet

Tired after so much running
They love each other

Me & my spoiled little Manhattan


Kary xoxo

P.S. I just noticed I'm outnumbered by boys - Yikes!!! I have got to start working on getting
my little girl :)


  1. Having a brand new puppy is so fun!! and yes! may you should start working on your girl! Let's enjoy the rest of the week!~

    Muchos abrazos my amiga!

  2. I adore your little boys!!! but you are outnumbered :) so i agree, get started on that little girl! ;)

    because i can't wait to meet "her" so i bet you can't :)

    LOVE YOU !

  3. aw the pup is so teeeeeeeeeny! xx

  4. this post is full of so much sweetness! you do have a fine bunch of boys, but a girl is always fun, too!

  5. Ohmigosh Manhattan...I'm in love! I have wanted a dog for forever - cuteness!! :)

  6. Adorable family!! :)

    PS Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  7. Such a cute pup and your son sure does seem to love him. It reminds me of my husband who I think would hate to spend a day without either of our pups. :)

    Oh, and no worries about the swap...I was a bit late as well. Sometimes life can just grab hold of you and time gets away quicker than you know it. I am so glad you guys liked everything and I can't wait to see the cupcake bakeware in action. I love the fancy feet. :)