My Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Has been taken away and I can not survive without him!

 Yesterday I was the happiest girl in the world getting ready to celebrate a month of love.
My world came crashing down at 11:30pm yesterday when they called us from Mexico and told us
my granddaddy Trini had passed away. 
He was my heart, my love and my everything.

I screamed and I cried!
The rest I've had to hold in because I've had to be strong for my pappa and Miguelito.
We've cried as a family and consoled each other.
Miguelito won't stop crying and he keeps asking me why? 
I have no answer because I keep asking myself the same thing. 
I am not ready to let him go, I do not want to accept that I will 
not see him again, hear his voice, or touch his hard working hand and give him kisses.
It feels like a nightmare and it breaks my heart to see my pappa so heartbroken, to see him crying
because he has lost his pappa. The person who gave him life, who worked hard for him, his hero
has passed away. His worst nightmare has come true and there is nothing I can
do to help him feel better or to console his broken heart.
They say that life goes on, and yes it does but things will never
be the same. Our heart will have a void that will never be filled again. 
An emptiness and sadness will be left behind.
Now all we have left are memories and pictures to help us remember the good times
and the love that we shared.
It's only been a day and I feel like it's the end of the world, they say things will get better, but what
I really want is to see you again.

It's moments like these in which I wish I could freeze time.
And just live in the present day forever.
I hate to think of the day in which I will have to face my worst nightmare,
it makes me cry and feel so scared.
I will never be ready to face my worst nightmare.
The out pour of love and support that I've received have meant the world to me.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your prayers before and after.
Kary xoxo

The last time I saw my granddaddy Trini - Summer 2010



  1. Oh Kary!! My heart just aches for you and your family :( I am so sad for you! I've been praying for your family, prayers of strength, comfort and peace. I know how much pain you are in and it tears me apart. I was dreading this day for you :( Your poor papa :( I can't imagine how much pain you are to see him hurt and to hear Miguelito ask you why when you are hurting and asking yourself the same thing. Take comfort in the fact your granddaddy is with mine and all of those we have lost :( You will see him again one day my darling!! If there is anything I can do for you, please let me know. I am here for you in good times and in bad. I love you my sweet, sweet girl!! xoxox

  2. there are no words to describe a loss of one that is truly loved.

    from my family to yours, our prayers, love and most sincerest of condolences. take comfort that your granddaddy is now in the presence of his father and that although your hearts are broken from your loss, that you will one day see him again.

  3. I am so sorry for your loss, love. It takes a long time for the hurt to heal but know that he is in a better place and happier than ever. Love you.

  4. Oh Kary! I know how much he meant to you and to lose both your grandpas :( My thoughts and prayers are with you (and many virtual hugs which I wish I could give in person).

    Know that you have many people who love you and will be here even if you just need to vent out your feelings. xx

  5. kary cuanto siento la perdida!! Yo hace poquito perdi a mi hermano..
    muchos muchos besos!!

  6. My thoughts are with you and your family dear!

  7. I am so sorry for you. I know this pain you are feeling and know you are in my thoughts !

  8. i'm so sorry for your loss, kary. you and your family are in my thoughts. xo

  9. My heart aches for you Kary! You are in my prayers! Love you girl!

  10. I wish there were words to lessen your grief my dear but here's sending you loads of hugs to let you know you're not alone ..You're in my prayers sweetheart ..

    Be strong for your pappa , for Miguel ..It's not easy but try and be strong ..

    Love and hugs !

  11. my heart hurts for yours and if i could take your pain, i would. :( i know that kind of loss... i know that sadness.

    but i also know God's comfort and strength... and i know your sweet and adorable Trini is with my granddaddy in heaven!!! they're comparing "mija" notes about us ;) and saying how similar we are and are so glad we know each other.

    bless you for being strong for your family... i love you! I love your heart and your family and i pray for God's peace for you guys.

    please let me know if you need anything! i love you all with all my heart. xoxo

  12. Oh Kary :( i'm so sorry to read this...

    my heart is with you at this awful time