My Rock ;)

It's thanks to my Miguelito that I find the strength to be strong.
He is my sunshine!
My rock and it's thanks to him that I see life clearly :)

 Life may not be the party we hoped for,
but while we're here we should dance.
                        - Unknown


  1. if children are those who always give us such joy! Thanks to Miguelito, everything will be normal ... not the same as it was .. but if something better.

    I've never been to NY the truth is that the idea is to go there .. I'm not sure!
    All will be seen, all arrived!

    por cierto me llamo Mima!!! :)
    Mil besos bonita!!

  2. What a beautiful quote! It's amazing how the youngest people in life can be the strongest to us! :)

  3. Beautifully said Kary! know I don't dance but I will listen to music and drink punch at this party! ;)

  4. Oh my Kary! These are all such emotional post and I really just want give you a huge hug! I know that sometimes you just need someone to be there with you.

    I'm glad your sweet Miguelito is being is adorable self and helping you through.

    Thank you for your comment and I truly adore our friendship! You are such a gorgeous person full of life and passion.

    I hope you are able to get your drivers license one day too!! And I do have something to send you I just need to put it all together.

    *massive hugs* xx love you x

  5. hi kary! i heart this quote! sometimes we just get caught up with the busyness of life that we forget to dance. i dittto gracie (whom i adore...she is a sweetie)...emotional times for you so sending you a big cyberspace hug!

    keep on keeping on one day at a time, daily lean on Him he will give you the strength.

    praying for you.


  6. Go on and dance! What a beautiful ode to your little guy!

  7. it warms my heart how close you two are... x

  8. Hello! I got YOU as my Valentines Day Card Exhchange person! I'm so excited to pick out a card for you! Is Miguelito your son? He is precious. I also enjoyed your video from a few posts ago. I'm also pretty camera shy, I hate hearing my own voice. Haha. Be looking in your mail box soon!

  9. I love that quote..might just use it sometime soon! ;)

    And I'm so glad that you are doing better already. xoxo