There is no instinct like that of the heart. ~ Lord Byron

One of my many favorite love movies:

" Don't say we are not right for each other, for the way I see it we might not be right for anybody else "

One of my many favorite love songs:

This song was my song!!! And it brings back SO many memories!

Fun Love Fact:

On average, a woman kisses about 79 men before getting married!

Hmmmmm.... This fact can't be true, at least not on my behalf ;)

Kary xoxo 


  1. I've never seen the movie before :P But it looks fun.

    And that K-Ci and Jojo song! I used to love it so much and I taught myself the piano part at the beginning of the song. I still like to play it now ;) x

  2. P.S. 79 Men! It might make sense with 79 kisses but men!! Eepp!

  3. 79 men? That number seems wayyy too high!

  4. Well then I am not the average woman...I've only kissed two men for reals!! Saludos y que tengas un bonito fin de semana!!

  5. 79 men? well then, i'm waaay below average! ;)

  6. oh kc and jojo!! i remember in middle school and high school.. they'd always play this song for the last slow dance... it's a lovely song.

  7. Awww...this post is so sweet! Happy, Happy Almost-Valentine's Day!! :)

  8. oooohhh!!! the cutting edge! i remember when i was about 13 or 14 and i had a VHS of this --- it played CONSTANTLY in my room! i just loved the movie!

    i miss you --- i'm sorry i haven't been in touch too much lately. the hassles of moving is finally catching up to me!