Ugh! I don' feel so good :(

Ugh!! I woke up with the worst sore throat and headache ever - 
I think I'm coming down with something!!
Plus Miguelito is sick as well :(
As we walked to religious class this morning he complained of stomach ache and dizziness.
Once we got back home, Miguelito looked white as a ghost and he kept
moaning "oh my stomach",
Blah!  Straight to the bathroom - He's already vomited three times.
My poor baby!
Now I sit on our bed with Miguelito watching one of his favorite movies:

From director Hayao Miyazaki! He is awesome, he is also the director for Ponyo, and Howl's Moving Castle - All which are very awesome movies!

While I stuff myself with some Hershey Kisses, Yes - Yes even though my throat hurts like crazy  :)

One of my Hershey kisses, part of a very special package, more details tomorrow :)
It's been so much fun counting down the days with Miguelito, by doing different fun activities!

Silver sprinkles for our chocolate covered starwberries

Miguelito loves his heart shaped watermelon :)

My little picasso at work - Valentine art work in progress - I will post the finished project tomorrow

Heart shaped potato chip found in Miguelito's chip bag :)

I can't believe that Tomorrow is Valentines Day!!
A day to celebrate love,friendship, and yourself :)
Humbe will be off tomorrow which is great, we have planned eating some breakfast at our favorite place and watching a movie of my choice :), after we pick Miguelito up from school we will be eating lunch at his favorite place, and later on we will be going over to my mom's and dad's for dinner!
I just hope Miguelito is feeling much better by tomorrow.

I can't imagine a better day full of love, family and happiness :)
What are your plans for tomorrow?

Kary xoxo 


  1. oh no hope you get better! And Happy Valentines! I'm working a lot of it, but we don't go overboard, as the 16th is the anniversary of our first date so we pay more attention to that xx ps realised i want 'following' so am now :)x

  2. I hope that both of you feel better soon! Sounds like you are making the best of things. I love all of the Miyazaki films (and so does Andy), How's Moving Castle is my fave, but castle in the clouds is definitely up there! Feel better and have a good night!

    p.s. Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. I hate that you guys are also feeling sick like I am! I'm so tired of feeling miserable so I hope we both feel better soon!! I especially wish you guys feel better by tomorrow, I know how much you guys have been looking forward to the day of Love!! And what a lovely day you have planned, I hope you all will be able to enjoy it 100%!!! Happy Early Valentines Day Kary! Miguelito is so lucky to have such a fun mother who plans all kinds of fun and sweet activities in honour of Valentines Day :) Love that he even found a heart shaped chip :) Love you guys!!! xoxo

  4. I hope you both feel better soon. Lots of oj and caldito de pollo!

  5. Ohh feel better soon! And I hope your sweet Miguelito also gets better!

    So many heart shaped items. I love the watermelon. I want something similiar :)

    I'm hoping to make a few things for Jason (sweet things) since it's Valentine's Day already. Can't wait to see more pics.

    P.S. Oh Kisses! I love those chocolates so much! x

  6. Heart shaped potato chip - awww!

    Hope you and the little guy feel better soon!