Unable are the Loved to die. For Love is Immortality. --Emily Dickinson

This morning I got up and dropped Miguelito off at school, after wards I went to my favorite little spot for breakfast and I just sat there staring into space, while I watched other people laugh, I kept thinking to myself - What are they thinking? Are they dealing with any problems? Are they sad?
The truth of the thing is we all have problems, whether they be small or big - we all have our own things to deal with!
I've been sitting here in front of the computer for a while trying to think about what to write!
But nothing is flowing through my mind - I feel blah!!! I am really tired and in need of a good sleep, 
my head hurts, and I feel nothing!

On the other hand I feel so blessed and amazed at the out pour of love that I have received during these past days, especially from lovely girls who have just come across my blog. 
I guess it's like my mom has always told me "Those who plant kindness...harvest love".
I've always given my heart 100%  to everyone who comes across me, I've always given them my 
friendship unconditionally and my trust 100%.
I've always believed myself to be a very humble girl full of love and happiness!
And I've always believed in Karma - What goes around comes around!
I feel so blessed to have unique and incredible friendships full of love from some very amazing girls and I look forward to see so many new friendships blossom!

Kary xoxo

Continuation to my Valentine's Day Countdown Segment:

This is just one of my favorite romantic movies featuring one of my all time favorite songs:

Fun Love Fact:
A fairly passionate kiss burns an average of 9 calories.

Hope everyone is having a Great Tuesday! Lot's of love xo


  1. You are indeed a beautiful girl Kary! and since I don't exercise much I should kiss passionately more often! lol...

  2. hello love --- i do so hope that you're feeling better. i love your little fun fact, 9 calories huh? i agree with claudia, i should definitely excercise that much more often!

  3. I've never seen that movie!! And 9 calories? I need more passionate kissing in my life :)

  4. I love what your mama says and she's so right ..when you do good , it most def comes back to you ..sometimes it takes a while but it does come around ..

    You're a beautiful person Kary and I am glad to be friends ..and after last time when we shared so much , I feel even closer to you ..and don't we just love that quote :)

    Also , after that fun fact I think we all deserve to exercise more ;) ..

  5. mami's always know don't they?

    i wish i could hug you or have sat across from you even if it was just to be near you and we could people watch. i love you and am so hear for you xo

    ps. great song! sarah m. has an amazing voice doesn't she?

  6. I like to people watch too. I make up stories about them and why they are doing what they are doing. Fascinating! I should have been an anthropologist.

    I hope things are feeling better for you and I'm 100% with you :)

    I love that song! I always associate it with Alias (my fave tv series). x

  7. hi there;) thanks for stopping by my site. so happy to meet you:) your blog is darling and cupcakes are my fav! :)gina

  8. Your mom is so right and I am sure you are surrounded by kindness and love!

    Just watched that movie 2 weeks ago - a modern classic!