When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses. ~Joyce Brothers

Warning!!! This Post is Overloaded with Pictures :)

Miguelito's Valentine Day Project all finished :)

One of the cupcakes I baked on Valentine's Day

A blue butterfly - I LOVE them!!!

Oh my poor forehead! Yep - I have a big pimple - ugh!!
 All because I choose to start eating chocolates way before Valentine's Day - Haha!!
But everything's okay as long as I have my Rosebud Salve :)
 I swear by it, not only does it help with my sometimes
 chapped lips (especially with this horrible cold weather! ) but it also works
 miracles on my mount everest - haha!! 

It is still technically the month of love therefore I will continue with my love segment!
Especially since I'm the girl who is in Love with Love :)
But first some very over due pictures from Miguelito's Baptism :)

Miguelito in church, waiting for the ceremony to begin

Baptismal candle (represents the light of Christ), it is lighted during the ceremony  and it is used to light
Miguelito's own baptism candle.

Miguelito getting the holy water poured over his head :)
 (You can't see him, but I wasn't the one taking the picture -lol)

Baptismal Candle being lighted, it is also the candle used during Lent - Easter week!

Miguelito with his baptism candle lighted.

I'm crying and Miguelito is looking at me with worried eyes, Humbe getting blessed to help guide Miguelito
 through his journey :)

Miguelito -w- Father Cambell and Colleen (his religious education teacher (at one point I dated her son - shhhhh)

Family Picture - Left to Right
Miguel my brother Miguelito's Godfather,Humbe,Me & Miguelito, Jessy my sister Miguelito's Godmother, My pappa Miguel :), and my mamma :)
I am truly blessed!!!

My baby & me :)
I look at this picture and get so nostalgic, Miguelito looks so big!!!
They say we have the same smile :)

One of my many favorite love movies:

This movie I can see over and over again, even though it breaks my heart in so many levels!

One of my many favorite love songs:

This song brings back so many buried memories!

Before I write down a Fun Love Fact, I must clear up that I look them up in Google and by no means do I make them up! The last fact had lots of huh? Really? reactions :) Google search!
I do feel relieved that we are not average woman, it makes me think who are the average woman that have kissed 79 men - gross!!!

Fun Love Fact:

The average person in their lifetime will spend an estimated 20,160 minutes kissing!

Hope you all are having a great week! And that the weather is much better than it is here in Nyc :)

Kary xoxo


  1. What beautiful photos! and hey, I also have a nice pimple right in the middle of my forehead! errr

  2. only 20,160 minutes??!! We have to do something to rectify that! ;)

    and congratulations to your son. xo

  3. aw nice pics of the baptism, I was about 7 when i was baptised x

  4. Beautiful baptism pictures, bonitos recuerdos!

    :( I need my husband to find a job closer to our home so I can catch up on that kissing!!! He either stays in San Diego or Tijuana twice a week!

    hugs my friend!

  5. Awww...Karina, this is truly one of the most beautiful posts. Miguelito is just adorable; and the homemade goodies are fantastic!! :)

  6. Mmm cupcakes!

    Miguelito looks so precious - you must be a proud mama!

  7. aw, he looks so precious decked out in his baptism gear! and those cupcakes look so yummy, i love the butterflies!

    thank you for stopping by my blog!

  8. The photos of your beautiful family warmed my heart!!! You and your baby Miguelito do share the same sweet smile :) I loved seeing how happy all of you were at such a joyous occasion! Wish I could have been there. I also love, love, love your zebra print top!! So pretty!

    Those Valentine cup cakes look SO delicious :) And by the way I have not one, but TWO pimples on my chin :( bla! I know your pain haha Oh Legends of the Fall makes me cry every time! Despite it I am like you and love it still :)

    Love you so much!

  9. Aww congrats again to Miguel and to your family. I think it's a wonderful thing and I can imagine that you had tears in your eyes. A beautiful family!

    Those cupcakes looks yummy! And I like that they had butterflies on top. Lovely xx

  10. Beautiful photos, Karina!

    And I can sympathize with you... I had a big zit right in the middle of my forehead this weekend too! I couldn't figure out why but now you've mentioned it, it's so obvious! Too much Valentine chocolate!