Friday Confessions

1) I can be somewhat crazy ;p But what can I say, I love my life and am naturally a happy person!

2) I love OPI nail polish, it is the best and it is so chip resistant ;)

3) As a child I had a secret obsession with Ginger Snaps Cookies, now I think they are way too hard, but will eventually munch on one or two with a glass of milk.

4) I am SO obsessed with Etsy - it's scary! I want to buy everything.

Darling Gracie

Kary Headband
5) I love blog world and the amazing friendships that I've made, I especially love Darling Gracie ;)
My half-Mexican sister. I never find anything with my name on it, and now thanks to darling Gracie there is a headband with my name on it. A headband she made!!
You can head over to Gracie's shop right now and use the code: FRIENDS for 20% off your entire order!
Te quiero mucho Gracie ;)

Update: I love going to Gracie's shop and seeing my name (does that mean I'm greedy?) - eeee!! 
But right after I hit publish post, I will be running over to Gracie's to buy my headband!

Aqua was such a big hit in the 90's and I was a huge fan!! This was one of my favorite songs ;)
Happy Friday Loves.

Kary xo


  1. I saw that headband named after you and the one named after Micaela--SO SWEET!!! She is such a doll. I bought a headband from her for Valentines Day and I love it. :)

  2. Ah, I am totes with you on the OPI front! They are my go-to for nail polish!! :)

  3. Gracie is so sweet. I love the headbands she made and named after her blogging friends!

  4. I think I agree full with all etsy buy! I can not see if there is money in the card I am a real danger!
    muchos muchos besos!

  5. isn't gracie just the sweetest?!!?!? seriously made my day!

    and yup-- etsy obsessed too lol i'm having so much fun doing the etsy swap my gf jessie is hosting.

    so much fun!

  6. i just watched that movie Sliding Doors (from that last video clip) on Saturday night! that's so neat...
    thanks for entering my giveaway for the necklace, by the way. :)

  7. I love OPI nail polish too, but it's so expensive here.

    I love the headband named after you!

    x Jasmine