Hi, I adore you...

Once again thank you SO much my loves for all the get well wishes and beautiful comments.  
I love you all!!
The good news my ankle is not broken - phew! I haven't been this relieved in a while.
I've been at home, ice packs, ibuprofen, not putting any weight on my ankle and just lounging around the house.
I won't lie and say I'm not somewhat bored, I haven't breathed in fresh air in 3 days - ahhhh!!
I haven't been to my beautiful Central Park ;(
But I have had a lot of time to think, breathe, plot, watch non-stop movies and just relax. 
Something that I have needed for about a month now. 
Funny how things work out, I had to go and fall down some stairs in order for me
to take a breather.

Big news!Big news! Coming next week ;)
I am SO happy for my mamma and so inspired that I will be following along in her 
steps sometime this year before my big 3-0 this summer!
 Be on the lookout sometime next week.

I love Erika's Hi, I adore you... segment and today I am SO excited to show you what I'm adoring ;)

Today I am Loving:

The love between Miguelito & Manhattan ;)

Beautiful butterfly headband I purchased from Gracie's shop ;)
I love my new headband and can't wait to wear it outside!
Gracie is another of my wonderful blog friends whom I love SO much!!

Receiving unexpected packages from darling friends! This package was from our friends

Beautiful butterfly bracelet to add to my butterfly collection.
Thank you SO much Steph - I have not stopped wearing it!

What are you adoring today?
Wishing you a great weekend loves ;)

Kary xoxo


  1. Yay. So happy to hear it is not broken.

    Next time you are in Central Park breathe some of that fresh air for me too.

    I miss it!

    Have a great weekend.
    Love, Jules

  2. Miguelito is soooo cute! I love that pic you sent with his very first drawing! I'm glad you like the bracelet! I bought myself one, too! haha.

  3. The picture of Miguelito and Manhattan is so precious!

    Good that you're staying off your foot - rest up dear!

  4. I ordered a heart sequined headband from Gracie's shop for Valentine's Day and I love it :) Your butterfly looks beautiful!

  5. Miguelito and Manhattan look precious together! Glad to hear you been relaxing! Movies all day sounds good! Much love my Dear!

  6. So glad your ankle is okay and that you're getting time to rest! That headband is so cute! And yes, I'll be on the lookout for those New Yorkers in Disney World, I gotta protect these ankles! Haha!

  7. love that headband :) and i'm sorry for your ankle, but like you say, good excuse for a rest! I broke my wrist about 3 years ago (ice skating! Never again!) and had 6 weeks off work, that was weird, but i had a lovely restful time :)x

  8. I'm soo glad that you are resting up and your ankle isn't broken. I'm sure that is a weight lifted.

    Your boy and little pup are so adorable! Nothing like kids and their pets.

    I'm so glad you like the headband and I'm glad it did arrive to you. I hope you get my other little package soon too!