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SnapShot Sunday

All pictures taken by me and my handy dandy camera ;)
Would you buy any of these if they were postcards?
 With or without quotes?

Kary xo
9 comments on "SnapShot Sunday"
  1. Great pictures! I'd buy them with quotes!! I like the first one and the one with your papi! xoxo

    Kary, sunflower seeds cure all of my sicknesses!

  2. These are really wonderful! I think the quotes add a special touch to the pictures. I would love them with them as postcards with quotes (I'm loving postcards again and can't bear to part with them sometimes)

    I'm so glad you liked the headband named after you :) Your friendship is so wonderful and I'm so happy to have you in my life. x

  3. YOur the winner of the March Giveaway. Please send me your address in order to send you your gift. Here is my Email =


  4. ooooh que fotos tan bonitas!!!!
    Kary a such beautiful days we spent there!! that memories! nostalgia que me entra al ver las fotos!! kisses!! kisses and kisses!!

  5. i love the 2nd photo most! and yes, quotes or not, i would love to purchase :)

    kisses to you gorgeous!

  6. LOOOOOVE these photos!! You are so talented Kary!! I especially LOVE the one of your sweet papi!! I would def purchase these :) So beautiful!


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