Tickle me Tuesday ;)

Happy Tuesday Love's, just two more days left until St.Patrick's Day.
I've been so busy planning our menu for the day. I love celebrating with my Miguelito and so far I have green eggs and ham with green croissants for breakfast, I have some ideas for lunch and dinner and for dessert special St.Patty day cupcakes of course :)
Do you any special plans?

Yes Teacher Crafts

I LOVE taking pictures and am so in love with all of the following items! 
They will have to be added to my birthday wish list :)
We've been on a strict budget for sometime, and I might have to cheat!

Here's what's tickling my fancy this week:

Japanese Washi Masking Tapes - Camera Set of 3 Tapes

One Inch Vintage Camera Round Seals

Diana Camera Address Label

Hand Carved Rubber Stamp - Camera

I'd love to see what's Tickling your fancy today ;)
You can link up at Sarah's - here!

Kary xoxo


  1. Lovely finds!! I love tape and the camera rubber stamp :) Thanks for linking up! By the way, you might want to re-link your entry - something didn't work the first time around and I had to search for your blog in google! Glad I found it though :)

  2. Great picks...love that rubber stamp!!

    Happy Tuesday!

  3. when is your bday??? i love all the photo paraphernalia!

    one of my first memories of nyc was going to my job interview on st paddy's day and being so confused by all the green on the subway at 7:30AM!

  4. St. Patty's day cupcakes!! That is such a good idea - I want to make some!! I'm sure they will be cute :) Thanks for your nice comment on that balance post - I appreciate it lots! And you are a rockstar for taking word ver off, haha :)

  5. I can't wait to see what you come up with St. Patty's Day. Not sure if I will be doing anything cooking-wise just yet. My hubby and I started a new and healthier eating style beginning today which involves only indulging on the weekend. Maybe I will make a post-Patty's meal this weekend. :)

    Love the Japanese tape.

    Hope you are feeling better!

  6. Nice list! I like the address labels and the tapes! ah! talk to me about budget!...xoxo my Dear!

  7. I loooove the address labels!! and the masking tape! Too cute!! :)
    I love all the play along blogs! :)

  8. i love your camera themed tickles! ;)

  9. This is so cute. I love all the camera themed items. I was looking at those address labels. And the washi tape. I will always love that. x

  10. Ooh, I have some of those items in my etsy favourites!

    How on earth do you make green croissants?!

    x Jasmine

  11. I want some green eggs and ham! We're not doing anything today (though I do think the Irish Embassy here is having drinks!)

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