Traveling Wednesdays ;)

 Not your normal Wednesday post :)
Today we are traveling into the world of True Blood!!

This scene had me crying for my love!!

My #1 Vampire

My #1 Werewolf- sexy!!

Is this magazine cover hot or what??

Season 4 teaser!!

I am SO excited and anxious for July to come and Season 4 of True Blood to begin :)
Do you watch True Blood? Who is your favorite character??

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Kary xoxo


  1. eeeks..I LOVE true blood too!! I can't wait for it to start in July although I'll be a bit sad that all my other fav shows are ending. :(

    oh and of course my fav character is Eric Northman! There is so much more to him than the cold, cynical, bastard of a vampire that he portrays! XD

  2. ive read the True Blood books, but only watched season one i kept forgetting when season 2 was on and then just kind of got out of it, maybe i'll get the box set one day and have a True Blood marathon haha

  3. I haven't watched it lately, but wow it looks awesome (what is going on with Eric?!)

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  4. I've never seen True Blood, but was a Twilight fan and loved Being Human, so I'd probably be sucked right in {oh dear, terrible pun not intended!}

  5. Returning the love -- happily following back!

  6. Eeeee, I love True Blood! I'm definitely an Eric Northman fan :D Did you know he was in Zoolander?

    x Jasmine