We Love Our Twinkies :)

Feliz Cumpleanos!!!!
Happy Happy Birthday to our Darling Micaela & Marz!!!!
We Love you SO much!!!
And are truly blessed to have met you through blog world!
May this year be full of lots of health, happiness, love and family ;)

May you always be blessed, you are the sweetest girls and deserve nothing but the best.
So to you our sweet girls / our family we say:

You know you  mean the world to me, for me being able to show my pale, no makeup face, and 
indoors singing voice in this birthday video - Ha!!
But you are family after all :)

Wish we could give you loves a big happy birthday hug, but do accept the big virtual one we
are sending you right now :)

Happy Birthday 27th Birthday!!!

So won't you stop by my darling friends blogs and wish our Twinkies a Very
Happy Birthday ;)

Kary xo


  1. Such a nice shout out!
    So thoughtful!

  2. Aww you and Miguelito are too precious!

  3. You guys are the sweetest!

    Kary check out this giveaway! a cupcake book!
    I will enter and if by the grace of God I win it's yours! Love you girl!

  4. *OH MY GOODNESS!!!!* this was SO PRECIOUS and just darling!!!! we love you sooo much! how cuuuute are your boys and how beautiful are you!? i love miguelito's cute face! i can't get enough!!! WE LOVE YOU BOTH SOOO VERY MUCH and am glad to call you family.

    ADOOOORABLE!!! love you x1000000000!!!!!!!!!

  5. Haa! This is adorable! I love that you both sang it in english and spanish. That is really special. x

  6. OMG Kary!!!!!! Words cannot even describe the joy this super sweet video gave me! SOOOO precious!!! I can't get enough of how adorable Miguelito is!! And you my friend are just so beautiful. Both of your smiles are the prettiest I've ever seen! LOVE IT! And I love that even Manhattan joined in our birthday message :) You touch my heart Kary!! This is just so special :) I was a little sad today that my birthday is over, but thanks to you I got to hear it not only in English but also in Spanish :) I love you SOOOOOOOO much! always! xoxo

  7. This is so sweet! Thanks for your comment on my blog, too. It's funny that you mention that Miguelito liked the cave explorer necklace! A friend of mine got a cave explorer from me over the holiday and her son said something along the lines of, "That's a classy necklace." I guess they really appeal to kids! Have a great week!