Cherry Blossoms

*Warning Picture Overload*

I love Central Park and the fact that I live just two blocks away is wonderful.
It's beautiful to watch it transform during all 4 seasons, it's just so magical.
I especially love fall and all it's beautiful orange, red, and brown colors, my second favorite 
has got to be Cherry Blossom season. All the beautiful pink and white colors and smells just makes 
Central Park so spectacular!!

We have been blessed with incredible weather these past three days!! To say that
today it's 82 degrees outside and it feels like a blistering 90' something is a 
bit of an understatement :)
The Pacheco clan is never one to not go out on a beautiful day, and off  we went for a picnic, walk,
 and soccer time in Central Park :)

It was a beautiful spring day :)

Kary xoxo


  1. I am so jealous of you living so close to Central Park. We are hoping to visit NYC next year again, and I can;'t wait :)

  2. Your pictures are as beautiful as always! Tu pequeña familia esta muy linda tambien Dios los bendiga y los guarde siempre!

    we had a beautiful day also!

    many hugs!

  3. ...I love what you've done to your place here ;)

  4. Glad you got to enjoy the great weather with family! Have so much fun with the bloggy meet-up!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  5. I love all of these photos! It looks like such a fun day. Wish I could be there playing soccer with you :)

    x Jasmine

  6. I normally don't beg fellow bloggers to let me come visit, but 2 blocks from CP...I'll trade you my home in the country for a week...for your place for a week...LOL.

  7. Beautiful pictures! I love all the flowers... so pretty! :) Ours bloomed early this year, so most of them are dead now. :(

  8. Cherry Blossoms?! They are so beautiful. I cannot think of anything better than relaxing like that on a beautiful day. x

  9. Beautiful pictures! You should be a photographer!!

  10. oh my sweet kary, those pictures are just beautiful!!! they are postcard material, love!

  11. You take the most beautiful photographs!!
    I love them!