Friday Fancies - Royal Attire :)

Happy Friday Loves :)

Eeeeekkk!!! It is the most exciting and anticipated wedding of the century!!
I was especially happy when I received my wedding invitation last month.

A girl can dream right? :)
Nonetheless it was so much fun to browse and come up with my royal attire if I were
really to attend the royal wedding.

                I can not wait to see what all you beautiful girls would wear to this oh so anticipated event :)
Remember to link up here at AV's blog (who by the way I get to meet on Sunday during a NYC
blogger meet-up) I'm SO excited & nervous :)

Happy Friday Loves!!

Kary xoxo

P.S. Eeeeeekkkkkkk!!!! I am SOOOOOO excited for it to be Friday, we get to see Marz
& Micaela tomorrow!!!! I can not wait to hug my dear friends!! It will be a very exciting
and fun filled weekend and days full of lots of adventures :)


  1. Your wedding outfit looks all kinds of wonderful. ♥♥

    The Cat Hag

  2. Fabulous outfit!!! Absolutely. And great choice of accessories.

  3. And I think your outfit needs to be in my closet! Love it.

  4. Have fun my Dear hugs to Micaela and Marz from me! and of course to you and Miguelito.

  5. I love the dress paired with the blazer! This look is impeccable! LOVE!

  6. love the blazer~ great look!

  7. that is a darling dress! and those shoes!!! i havent worn stilletos in months!!!!

  8. I love your invitation!! haha.
    That would have been the perfect outfit to wear!! LOVE IT!!
    Take care of my girls this weekend!! :)

  9. I love the outfit!
    You would have looked awesome!
    Found you through Friday Fancies link up, I'm your newest follower.

  10. That outfit is darling. And it's really great to dream. Maybe you can wear it for another lovely event sometime.

    Eeeeee! I can't believe you get to visit see Micaela and Marz. I simply can't wait to read and (see) all about it. x

  11. I love your wedding outfit! So classy!

    Ooh, can't wait to hear all about your blogger meet up - how fun!

    x Jasmine

  12. I absolutely ADORE this color combination--the black+neutrals = awesome! I'm so so sad we missed each other on Sunday...I had to catch my bus or I would have waited :( it just means we'll have to make it happen the next time I'm in town! Can't wait to see what you create for Friday’s Fancies this week! Much love, my dear! xoxo {av}