Today I almost lost my pappa.
He was sitting in a staircase in Central Park, when he heard a rattling noise behind him.
My pappa looked up and what he saw next froze him for one split second, a Grey or red suburban 
speeding down the steps straight for him (he's not sure it was way to fast). Thank God for his looking up and moving out of the way, the car merely side swiped him and left him all shaken up. Cops arrived a while later, because they received various calls from other people in the park, they are still looking
for the car and driver. Today I give thanks to God and my Pappa Trini who helped my pappa move out the way. I cried already - I'm a crybaby I can't help it, especially because today I almost lost my hero.

":There is no wealth but life"
- John Ruskin
Hug your loved ones, if you live far away call them and tell them
how much you love and miss them. Enjoy all of the time you have together, you never know
what tomorrow brings.

P.S. May I add that he immediately called 911 from his cellphone, and the bastards didn't pick!!

Kary xoxo


  1. I'm glad to hear your Pappa walked away without a scratch.

  2. What a scary situation! So glad your papi is ok! For reals you never can change in a blink of an eye! Hugs my Dear!

  3. I'm so glad your Pappa is okay! That had to have been so scary. -hugs-

    I had a the same problem with 911 once. I was in a wreck and when I called 911 it just rang and rang and rang. It has really freaked me out on the thought of needing them even more urgently and getting no one. :\

  4. I'm doing good with letting her go. She's in a much better place. When she was alive her quality of life had severely decreased in this last month and it was just time. I'll miss, her but I had a good almost 14 years with her :)

  5. Thank goodness he is ok! That driver will get what's coming to him for being so reckless (I was the victim of a hit an run once and truly believe that karma will come around to those that behave so disgustingly!)

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  6. Wow that is so awful, I'm glad he's ok!

  7. Oh my gosh, Karina! I am so, so glad he is okay!

    x Jasmine

  8. dearest kary,

    i am so glad that your pappa is ok... he does have guardian angels looking after him.

    smile my gorgeous, because he is here for you to cherish still.


  9. oh honey! i bet you both were so scared :( but i am SO GLAD God and his pappa were watching over him. awww i wish i could hug you both!


  10. Ohh lovely! That really is horrible! I'm so glad your pappa is alright, even though he must still feel shaken! Sending hugs!

    As for the Instax, I'm still learning how to take photos with it. Haha. I keep on cutting parts of my photos off. I do hope you get an Instax for your birthday! You should show pictures to Humbe or show them to Miguelito so he can give the hints :p

    love lots x