Missing my girls & Weekend recap :)

It seems like only yesterday I posted this post here and I was counting down the days until I got to see
my two darling friends, now I'm counting down the days since we've seen each other!!

Micaela, Miguelito & Marz in Times Square :)

My Marz, Miguelito & Me - Central park :)

Micaela, Miguelito & Me in Astoria Queens :)

These three were inseparable - at the financial district :)

These little piggies got some air!! I was about to send these girl home without their feet, they were so worn out!

Miguelito & Marz asleep on the train - we walked a lot!!!

Family Pic - Top Of The Rock! Ahhhh!! We're falling :)

Last week Tuesday my stomach was in knots as Marz, Micaela, Migueltio and me walked down the 
streets of NYC because I knew it was our last day to hang out and be together for a very long time.
 I knew that I would be saying goodbye to them later that night!! Which by the way was SO hard, I really believed I would be stronger and thought I was going to be able to hold my tears until I was back in the car,
but I couldn't and as we said goodbye in the hotel lobby I felt the big lump on my throat start to rise
and my tears started to spill! Saying goodbye to my family was one of the
hardest things I've ever had to do. After being inseparable for 4days and being able to be myself so freely, 
share so many inside jokes :), and just have the time of our live's I was feeling the sadness of it all 
coming to an end :(

I am so grateful to have been able to spend as much time as I did with my beautiful girls, even though I miss
them like crazy I know this was just the beginning of something SO special and unique!!
When you have true friends that are indescribable making them one of a kind  you know you've been blessed.

I really do look forward to our skype dates even though we won't be able to hug each other when ever or say see you tomorrow! 


Where does the time go? It has been going by way to fast!!
We are counting down the days left till summer vacation, Miguelitos next belt  test in just three weeks, and
a maybe trip to Ecuador this summer :)
In the meantime I was blessed with  a great weekend, beautiful weather,
and spending lots of time with my Miguelito :)

Miguelito loves Wolverine! Sunday Brunch & Complimentary apple pie for Mother's Day - Yes Please  :)


Loving the Sally Hansen:Nail Effects! I've received so many compliments and  I've had them on for 6 days and still perfect!! Will do a tutorial and review very soon, but I'm still in need of some Crackle nail polish :(

Loving my $4.00 gold glitter flats!! Yes $4.00 - they were also the last pair - score  :)

Now I'm off to cook some vegetable lasagna and spend a fun loving afternoon with my boys
Miguelito, Humbe & Manhattan :)
Happy Tuesday Loves :)

Kary xoxo


  1. Aww how sweet! you girls had a lot of fun and really clicked...because you are family! Next time I want to be there with you girls!

    I love your $4 shoes, you did score girl! :)

  2. thanks for your sweet words! xoxo mi hermana!

  3. it's like a feeling/relationship unlike any other-- it was AMAZING and a blessing-- there is no other words to describe how at home we felt with you.. like a sister! which we knew we felt like when we "met" just on blogger a year ago but actually meeting... WOW!!! i haven't stopped gushing about you beautiful sister ;) just thinking of all the fun we had when we were so inseparable (even faiza thought marianne was you when we were holding hands! lol) makes my day and has me smiling over and over. i miss miguelito more than words (i love the 'Grrr' photo!) he is so special to me!

    I LOVE YOU ALL more than words, with all my heart... more than "all of outer space."

    and i can't wait to see you again!

    THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!! oh to post just about our "inside jokes"... haha i gotta send miguelito my "magical wallet" lol don't tell him i'm going to! ;) haha! i did after all accuse him of hiding it. LOL!!!!!! OH MAN! :) our inside jokes alone. lol lOVE YOU XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXXO!!!

  4. Aww what lovely pictures! Just plan for the next trip.

  5. where did you get those flats?

    love the fishnet nails...now that i've seen them on you i'll have to get some for me!

  6. Reading this post makes me want to cry again!!!!! OMG Karina you and MIguelito are ALL I talk about!!! :) Seriously! You guys are always on my mind and I miss you SOOOOO much!!! Especially seeing that picture of Miguelito and me sleeping together on the subway. Such a special moment shared between us! And then seeing the pic of us in the Financial District when I got confused with which one was the middle!! AHAHA blonde moment :) So many funny moments: Scattering when the news was approaching us and Micaela flocking to it like a moth to a flame :) haha And Micaela's magical wallet!!!! hahahaha :) And when me and you looked at each other at the Organic Vegan restaurant and knew that we were going to just order dessert so we could eat our Shake Shack burgers afterwards! :) haha Our inside jokes :) I love it!!!
    I can't believe it's already been a week since I left NYC :( If only I could click my red heels together and be at your house I would in a heartbeat!!! I miss you darling girl! Let's skype this weekend :) I need to see your beautiful face and Miguelito!
    I'm wearing the flats I wore to NYC today at work :) They are not near as cute as your gold glitter flats though!! OMG I'm in love with them!!! So pretty!!! and what a steal :)
    And your nails - love them!!! Can't wait to see your tutorial so I can have pretty nails like yours :)
    I love you!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo Thank you again for everything my darling!

  7. This is was such a beautiful post. It shows the kind of friendships that are made in the blog world. Seeing you all together makes me feel so happy.

    Glad you were able to meet up and hang out and I'm sure you will all be together again sometime. x